GamerZines | Castles in The Sky Review: 'Introducing the Next Big Indie Phenomenon'

GamerZines writes:

When it comes to gaming, what does $1.50 actually get you? One map in a Call of Duty map pack, perhaps? How about a weapon skin in Guild Wars 2? The point is $1.50 is frankly chump change in these times of DLC and micro-transactions, but what if I told you there is a new release out there which totally flips that value paradigm on its head? I’m talking about a new piece of interactive entertainment from small indie start-up Tall Tree Games.

Their debut endeavour Castles in The Sky offers up the tale of a young boy ascending into the upper atmosphere, using clouds as literal stepping stones. As you vault this happy chappy further and further into the cosmos, by holding down the left mouse button and pointing the cursor, short poetic lines appear in the blue backdrop describing accepted truths of the world as the sun falls from the sky.

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