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Ubisoft proves that learning is not a dirty word. In spite of some of the labyrinthine menus one had to go through in the first Rocksmith, the game still struck a chord with millions of gamers and people that wanted to work at learning guitar. So in many ways Rocksmith was a success. Ubisoft listened to the players and the reviews that cited issues with the menus. To reach many features, it was a chore to just be able to find the features because they had been buried away.


Sorry for the score error, but the score is 4.8/5

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Ketzicorn1876d ago

Lol I was going to say that score seems a little off.

cheetorb1876d ago

Yeah, I was about to throw a Mastadon size hissy fit!

dp2774071876d ago

Yea I read the review thinking, why is the score so low when everything is positive. I love the game its def better than the first one and more challenging. The only thing I kinda wish they woulda kept is the overall score and level up system instead of score attack bu thats just me.