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Why Killzone Shadow Fall Is Almost 40GB (It Used To Be 290...)

There's been some consternation about the file size of next-gen games since Sony's UK boss told Eurogamer that Killzone was "cracking on for 50GB" and Nividia suggested that the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts required 50GB of hard drive space. (Infinity Ward has now reduced that to 40GB.) With the new consoles moving towards digital delivery and servers struggling to distribute titles like GTA5, how would our poor internets and hard drives cope with all that data? And why is Killzone so big in the first place? (Dev, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4, Tech)

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jhoward585  +   646d ago
Dang, the graphic are incredible. KZ is by far the best looking games I've even seen.
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neoandrew  +   646d ago
On consoles.
DomceM  +   646d ago
Console gamers never seen anything else so how would they know. pardon their ignorance.
adventureghost124  +   646d ago
dude... don't be that guy
supes_24  +   646d ago
Great, here come the PC gamers on their high horses and have to blurt out anytime they can about how great their choice is over console gamers. If you're so confident in your rig why do y'all constantly have to try and justify it by coming on here and blurting out nonsense that had nothing to do with the post?
neoandrew  +   646d ago
He surely hasn't never seen crysis 3.

Proof that n4g is a ps worst fanboys base, telling UNDENIABLE TRUTH = getting lots of disagree.
FIREsafety  +   646d ago
best looking is subjective. his best looking doesnt have to be your's. he was only expressing his opinion. cant a guy have his own opinion anymore?
Am_Ryder  +   646d ago
I'm a PC and console gamer- Killzone 2 and 3 look better than Crysis 1, 2 and 3 on ultra settings.

Largely because they're so well designed. The areas are still very large, too, thank you very much.
neoandrew  +   646d ago
Fair enough, then my option is "on consoles" because crysis 3 is by far the best looking games I've ever seen.

And it is not only that, crysis 3 IS THE BEST LOOKING GAME, no one can deny it, this is the only TRUTH.

This is just lie and a funny one, comparing even to crysis 1 on pc, kz is nothing.
FamilyGuy  +   646d ago
Pointless comment, as if you know every game he's ever seen. As if you know what makes a game good looking to him. As if you somehow speak for any and everyone.

No one cares to hear your snark remarks.

OT: killzone is at 40Gbs while Ghost is at 49gbs (according to the back of its ps4 case)
Yet killzone seems to be bigger, prettier, and to have a longer story. :/

Good work on shrinking it down GG.
ShinMaster  +   645d ago
You get disagrees for trolling and instigating. Not for "telling undeniable truth" or whatever.
nunley33  +   645d ago
Crysis 3 is so last gen,Killzone:SF is truly next gen. Too bad crysis gameplay never came close to it's graphics.
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plaZeHD  +   645d ago
Ignorance, really?
You amuse me. Don't emotional over a f*ckin VIDEO GAME.
LocutusEstBorg  +   645d ago
Damn what a burn!
piroh  +   646d ago
and it´s just the beginning
Shane Kim  +   646d ago
PC elitists envy KZ graphics and constantly have to bash it to feel secure about their 2000 dollar PC rigs who barely show any graphical improvements and have no games to play.
neoandrew  +   646d ago
Yeah "bash", you mean telling the TRUTH that you can't deny, and not 2000USD but at most half of it.

He can say that kz has the best graphics, i can say that crysis is better, which is true.

And i don't care what you think, i don;t care the price, any i care is the TRUTH, and the only truth is that console games just can compete technically and ever will.
PurpHerbison  +   646d ago
Absolutely ridiculous.
neoandrew  +   646d ago
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Ps4Console  +   645d ago
BF & Forza look good too but KillZone I'am very impressed at the moment really am with this game & most gamers have got fibre optic now anyway .
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mandf  +   646d ago
Most games this gen will be 20+ gbs.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   646d ago
with 10 hrs plus story and bad-great multiplayer

seems some people misunderstood a simple practice.

most games are just 10hrs plus and may have multiplayer that may be bad to great.
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mandf  +   646d ago
No all AAA titles are going to use hi-res textures which take up a lot of space. Uncompressing files take up resources from the hardware. Uncompressed assets are the future on consoles because of blu- ray. Things are changing in the industry and gamers better get used to it.
KwietStorm  +   646d ago
Misaka_x_Touma  +   646d ago
hilarious amount of dislikes lol
UltimateMaster  +   646d ago
No doubt about it.
And to think Microsoft wanted to install all their games on the 500Gb HDD. Ouch!
That's the advantage of consoles is that it can use High Storage Blu-Rays to play and have your games stored on rather than having all games on HDD.
Granted a PC can have multiple 4Tb HDDs, but always remember that it's an extra fee you have to buy more space for more HDD.
plaZeHD  +   645d ago
Exaggerated, but I got what you mean. Devs seem to sacrifice a good lengthy story for technical achievement.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   645d ago

That exactly what I am talking about.
Alexious  +   646d ago
Make it 30+.
azshorty2003  +   646d ago
Playable after a 7.5gb download. Thats still a lot.

Ive been curious just how small that 'play after only downloading small portion of the game' would be.
KwietStorm  +   646d ago
Well it's definitely going to very from game to game. 7.5 gigs should ensure you won't have to worry about any lapses while the rest downloads, depending on how quick you get through that amount.
Campy da Camper  +   646d ago
Well for me, when I'm playing a new game I always take my time looking around, getting a feel of the mechanics and checking out every nook and cranny so I'm hoping this works well. Heck, in Skyrim I spent over an hour after the initial opening scene just scouring the area for secrets and loot before venturing out to the nearest town...of which sucked up another hour or so of my time.
UltimateMaster  +   646d ago
I think GT5 was around 5Gb and it was a lot.
It took forever to download and install from the disc.
"The initial Disc installation."

Killzone Shadow Fall couldn't have it on the disc, so you'll need to download it.
Am I the only one who thinks they'll need much more storage on their discs?
You can go much higher in capacity with Blu-Ray.
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Bolts  +   645d ago
Killzone is an open world shooter. Looking around every nook and crany is about as pointless as deciding to flank a Helgas to stab him in the back or to shoot him in the face. Either way, he dies.

Skyrim it ain't.
zippycup  +   646d ago
triple layer blue ray discs hold 128gig so they have enough for everything no need to download anything over net other than patches

wich will in the gigabytes now

lol man i hope devs get it together and release games as close to 100% as they can and not fall back to the screw it we can patch it later
HighResHero  +   645d ago
If people have problems with the downloads they should probably consider a physical copy.
Some companies will still release "incomplete" games but maybe people will catch on.
KwietStorm  +   645d ago
What do you mean by no need? I will be downloading some games because I want to. I have the storage space and the internet connection to handle it, and having my games accessible all in one spot without having to swap them in and out is a convenience.
UnHoly_One  +   645d ago
So am I correct in assuming the percentage of the total game size required to be able to start playing will vary wildly from one game to the next?

For instance, with this game it works out to about 20% of the entire download size.

But I am guessing depending on how other games are designed, that percentage could be more or less, correct?

I was originally thinking it would be a flat percentage from game to game, but I guess that wouldn't make sense.

For instance, a game like Skyrim that sets you loose and you could just take off in any direction would basically require the entirety of the map to be downloaded first, I would assume.

I'm interested to see how this pans out once we get a few more examples to work with.
hollabox  +   646d ago
I can remember not too long ago arguing with a couple of idiots about Blu Ray 50 GBs not being big enough for next gen. One guy claimed model complexity and texture size did not impact disc storage. You throw in 1080P video and 24bit 48-96 KHZ sound and suddenly BR 50 GBs seem like DVD9. I don't know if Sony and MS can allow 120 GB Blu-Ray disc to be readable via software/firmware upgrade. If so optical storage won't be too bad within the next 5 years because I will hate to download 50 plus GBs on my decent 25 mbps internet connection. Not to mention my 250 GBs cap my ISP put on me per month.
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cell989  +   645d ago
These must have been the same idiots that defended Microsofts decision to stick with DVD for Xbox 360
UnHoly_One  +   645d ago
The 360 came out before Blu Ray and HD-DVD.
hollabox  +   645d ago
Probably, dumb on MS part, X360 could have sold allot more. But yeah not even into first gen software already and Blu Ray is starting looking obsolete, at least the 50 GB version, especially with 4K content on its way as well.
cell989  +   645d ago
@Unholy_One nice try, but try thinking outside the box my friend. MS very well knew about Bluray and HD-DVD, youre not going to tell me it was developed in 2 years. MS simply chose to go the cheap way, and defended that decision at all costs, saying their "compression technology was miles ahead" and how choosing DVD meant better "streaming" all bullshit of course..
UnHoly_One  +   644d ago
Yeah, and the 360 would have been two hundred dollars more expensive, too.

It's all a give and take, they thought it wasn't worth the extra expense, and they were right.

How many games really suffered from the disc space problem? There were a couple games that used multiple discs, big deal.
MrCastle  +   646d ago
External Hard Drive support is a MUST for all next gen consoles. Let us use more than 12 gb. Looking at you xbox....
ipach  +   646d ago
sure hope they have an easy way to move installs from the system disk to external. i don't need the game to be playable - just want to be able to store it there...

and of course this would then allow me to drop in a modest/affordable SSD and shuffle games in and out.

otherwise, i think for the sake of capacity just getting a SSHD might be the most practical way to go. looking forward to future versions with bigger NAND pools... I'm sure the launch 500GB HDD will be fine until those bigger/faster SSHDs come out.
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zippycup  +   646d ago
usb 3.0 should be fast enough were the external drive can run games no problem

i wouldn't mind buying a 2 or 3 terabyte drive formatting it in whatever encrypted algorithm they use and just use the drive for ps4 and nothing else
CoLD FiRE  +   645d ago
If you're talking about the 360's limit on external USB drives, you obviously have now idea. You can use up to 32GB external USB drive for games/dlc/saves..etc. You can connect 2 32GB USB drives at the same time totaling 64GB of external storage.

With the Xbox One there will be no limit to the size of your external USB Drives.
AceBlazer13  +   646d ago
Sony I love you but damn your exclusives kill my hard drive. The price of quality i guess.
Sevir  +   646d ago
This is simply the reason why, going digital just isnt feasible 100% this gen. I think we have maybe 2 more generations before digital becomes a standard.

In anycase, the "immediate" pillar of the PS4 seems to be well in place here. No licensing, logos from 3rd party or warnings from partners, just the title screen as soon as you put in the disc or load the game from your HDD is fantastic! And No loading is really awesome. These consoles are pretty innovative. Contrary to Salty ass Nvidia's words, Consoles Will continue to lead the charge on everything else in terms of innovation, PCs will then take the innovation a step furthuer because of having more grunt power and resources at its disposal.

Now! Why is october taking its sweet ass time ending.
3 Weeks remaining till Greatness graces my living room with Next Generation gaming!

15 Nov 2013. Im ready!
cell989  +   645d ago
go all digital they said, its very convenient they said, install and forget they said. Man am I glad this didnt come true
ninjagoat  +   646d ago
I got Two terabyte on my PC but there's no ways I'm gonna waste any off it on Ghosts the game looks so dated and all i need to do is play any the sh1t that came out after the real COD games (Codv1 Cod2 Cod4) and i have already played the new game. Hell to it. I'll be saving my space for the games that matter.
fsfsxii  +   646d ago
I would really love an all out digital system instead of retail. Retail is so 2000 /s
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moodymofo  +   646d ago
you crazy. i just got back from gamestop ,traded in 3 games i dont play anymore and used the money to totaly pay off need 4 speed rivals and put 20 dollars on killzone sf . the day im done with a game and it sits on my harddrive worthless is the day i hang up my controllers . i mean if you want to digital download your games thats great but for you to just want an dl only system well thats just selfish on your part because me buying retail affects you in no way to buy digitally
fsfsxii  +   646d ago
hollabox  +   646d ago
Yeah all digital will not work this generation but could have worked during the PS2,Xbox, and GC days when games normally didn't take up more than 5 GBs on DVDs except for an handful. Fast forward over a decade later with 8GB monsters looming next month no way I'm going to wait 9 hrs or more for my 40-50 GB games to download. And that's not even taking into consideration my 250 GBs cap my ISP put on me each month. This is why I hate Steam, a crap load of games I don't play anymore just sitting there in my games Library uninstalled, unable to do anything with them.

Anywho its much easier just to run to the store, pop my disc in, beat the game, pop my disc, trade it for $35 if its the first week, pick up another controller or game. If you live far from any retail store just Amazon the game you will get it the first day its release without leaving your house.
yewles1  +   646d ago
Killzone 3 was BIGGER??? (41.5GB)
SonyNGP  +   646d ago
Killzone 3 had a buttload of pre-rendered cutscenes (in 2D and 3D) and redundant data to help with the read speed.
Nerdmaster  +   646d ago
It feels like developers just don't bother to compress or optimize enough. Remember when Capcom took Resident Evil 2 and its 2 disks, and they compressed it to a single N64 64MB cartridge?

"Killzone 3 was actually bigger than Shadow Fall. (...) Unconcerned by file size, Guerrilla had duplicated textures for each level to make the game stream from disc more quickly, and included high-quality videos several times over in different languages."
Since CDs became common for games (then DVDs, than Bluray discs), developers got too much space to work with and stopped investing in compression and optimizations technics. Now that digital is becoming more and more common, they started worrying about it. But there's still a long way to go.
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MegaRay  +   646d ago
Digital day o.... wait what? And they said Digital is the future...
BitbyDeath  +   646d ago
Kinda like the saying "tomorrow never comes" digital is the future, it'll just never be the present.
zippycup  +   646d ago
correct me if i am wrong but a BRD is digital

why is a download more digital than a disc

and even then when you download data you have to store it in some media hd usb BRD DVD CD all digital as far as i know ???
jocomat9  +   646d ago
don't forget you can choose to download the multiplayer first and play it while single player is downloading.
Gamer666  +   646d ago
Here comes my home Petabyte SAN!
zippycup  +   646d ago
this is why i hated digital only give me disks any day glad xbone did a 180 and more glad that ps4 is not doing it either
newflesh  +   646d ago
I miss the PS1 glory days of 700mb discs.. those were the days
Reborn  +   645d ago
Installing will always be better than downloading.

If they can ensure that install times are a lot faster, whilst providing a strong backbone for downloads.. well I'm sure that will suffice for many for a long time.

Digital only is a not even close to becoming a reality. The first company to try it though.. it will be interesting.

Can't wait to play this.
GirlOnFire  +   645d ago
Interesting thing is this game is running on an updated KZ3 engine from what I've heard. Imagine what will it look like when they make another new engine? Greatness Is Almost Here! PS4!! ^~^
MuhammadJA  +   645d ago
that's not surprising. rage used to be 1 tera before the compression.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   645d ago
This is the reason I'm putting a 2TB drive day one in my PS4. I'll be getting the disc version and this is the kind of stuff keeping me from committing to all digital.

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