The PlayStation 4 controller: A close look at the touchpad, light bar, design, and everything else

When gamers start bringing home the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15, the first thing they will notice about its DualShock 4 controller won’t be the new ridges on the analog stick tops. Or the deeper D-pad. Or even the trigger-shaped shoulder buttons. It will be the black slate sitting right in the middle where the word “Sony” used to be — the new touchpad.

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JeffGrubb1756d ago

"Sorry, Japanese people!"

The phrasing of that made me laugh.

Sadie21001756d ago

And that's from a Japanese guy!

darkronin2291756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Hopefully the touch pad won't go the way of Sixaxis, which was also heavily promoted in the months leading up to the PS3 launch before fading into obscurity. The only devs I can think of that used it are Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream.

darthv721756d ago

There is a greater potential for use of the touchpad than there was the gyro. so it should be well supported.

WeAreLegion1756d ago

GTA IV and V, Warhawk, Ratchet & Clank (A couple of them), Twisted Metal, LBP 1 & 2, various racing games like Motorstorm and SEGA All-Stars, Killzone (Aiming), many download-only titles like Flower, flOw, Noby Noby Boy, and all of Plastic's games, Siren, MGS4, Unreal Tournament III, Folklore, Lair...

That's just off the top of my head. Here's the full list:

darkronin2291756d ago

Cool. I forgot about Flower! I think that was my favorite use of it.

jounceman1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

The Touch Pad certainly has potential, but the light is nothing special and like the Wii U Gamepad in some respects, could be an disruptive distraction if a game requires you to look down at a particular glow for some reason.

Overall though the controller is much improved from the DS3. The pros of the Dual-Shock 4 grossly out weigh its minute cons.

That said, bring on the games because as insightful as this article is, playing is believing.

Dante811756d ago has them listed as shipping.

Bluebird81756d ago

I'm very curious to see how sensetive, responsive and accurate the d-pad is. That'll be the difference between gimmick and wonderfull new feature imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.