The Waiting Game - Battlefield 4

Itching to get into the fight with Battlefield 4? Suit up, soldier, Johnny's dropping in a care package of stuff to keep you busy until launch day.

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djplonker1727d ago

This guy is the king of hipsters...

venom061727d ago

YES were waiting on the awesomeness of BF4.... 60FPS and 64man servers and everything that BF3 wasnt??? YES we are waiting on this... bring of the awesome DICE!!!

Shakes1727d ago

Ooooohhhhhh .... you said care package on a BF article. Thats like saying bomb on a plane. :)

ezop1727d ago

not to sure why he calls it a "GENERIC" shooter, name another game where you can run & gun, fly planes, choppers .. ride cars, tanks, boats, bikes, etc ..

ZyklonnBee1725d ago

I swear this guy's just trying to stir up shit by classing BF4 as generic...
Also, yeah, ultra-hipster I bet the son of a bitch tells people he's a pacifist by choice and therefore was unable to actually play the beta..
Fucking dink.