DICE has told about the sound of Battlefield 4

GameSpace: "The great modern next-gen game should be not only the virtual project, it needs to create the feeling that you are inside it, and everything is real. To reach this level, the developers are working on physics and graphics, but the sound is also very important. In Battlefield 4 it was created really carefully."

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malokevi1849d ago

BF3 won a ton of awards for it's sound. With the new sound tech in next-gen consoles, this is one of the aspect I'm most looking forward to.

When I play Bf3 with my hifi towers and subwoofer turned up, it literally sounds like I'm at war. My family will walk in the room and go "holy S#!t, it literally sounds like theres a war in the house. The walls are shaking".

I love that sound when explosives are going off in the distance, inside a building. Metro is sound paradise.

If they can make even marginal improvements on next-gen, it's going to be INSANE! With 7.1 support..... *gargle*

ATi_Elite1849d ago

Hands down Best Graphics Best sounds Best Gameplay Best Game expereince.

Battlefield 4 is a MONSTER of a Game.

See you in Conquest mode in 5 days!

Kleptic1849d ago

for me personally...if there is one thing that DICE has absolutely nailed as a developer since their inception...its sound fidelity...

Bf4's beta nearly destroyed my hearing...the tank's alarm going off once critically damaged, the 'thunk' of taking a round to the chest...the overwhelming growl of a the sky scraper as it slowly starts to tip...and how this is layered throughout the entire environmental geometry (how it changes depending on what type of area you're in)...its simply incredible...

they stand alone to this day in that department...for me at least...

Jovanian 1849d ago

You gotta give credit to dice, BF3-4 have some of the best sound design I've heard in a multiplayer shooter. It may not be what real combat sounds like, but it sounds very frantic and as if an actual 'video game' war is going on around you

Sadist31849d ago

If I see one more person use the word "fidelity" or "dynamic". It's like every just quotes what everyone else says, even developers are doing it. That's all I freaking hear, dynamic smoke, fidelity of the grass, 1080p and 60fps...what about the things that actually make a difference, like enemy AI? It's like people are actually praising a game like resogun because it's 1080p and 60fps. Man, it's a game I can play on my freaking ipad. Let's get back into what matters, gameplay, superb enemy AI, really good graphics and difficulty. I swear people will by a game about a walking apple because it's in 1080p and has dynamic water drops. Oh, and the fidelity....

Hufandpuf1849d ago

It's funny you a complaining about them using those terms when the game has all of those in it.