Gran Turismo #BestofGT video – did your pick make the cut?

Fred Dutton – SCEE Blog Manager-

Gran Turismo fans among you should remember that, in celebration of 15 years of Polyphony‘s classic racing series and the impending 6th December release of GT6, last week we called on you to Tweet your favourite memories of each game, so that we could compile them into a new series heritage video.

You kept up your side of the bargain, and we’ve duly kept up ours. Take a look at the video above and see if your suggestion made the cut!

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1878d ago

Still remember driving my Nissan Silvia in GTA 3. That was amazing!

chikane1878d ago

how can you not drive a nissan they make up 95% of the car lineup in the gt games


yewles11878d ago

I have great memories from all the GT's I played, while lamenting the ones I couldn't due to where I lived...

ProjectVulcan1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Saving up enough cash for the Castrol Supra GT which was the best race car in GT1...

Testing the tuning on the immense Alfa 155 touring on the Rome circuit in GT2, as well as using the Escudo to destroy everything on every track

GT3 was the amazeballs visuals, driving with the sun glinting on the Seattle track at dusk with the Mazda 787b which was the absolute boss along with the first F1 models

GT4 was the vast selection of cars, the best ones were the Group C cars like the Sauber C9- but the beast was the Toyota Minolta tuned up to over 1100bhp

GT5 was FINALLY just getting my hands on the damn thing after more than 5 years wait- the cars being racing game is really ever complete without the Ferrari marque.