New 14 Minutes Direct Feed (No Commentary) Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Video | Game News

New awesome multiplayer gameplay video for Killzone Shadow Fall.

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Mikelarry1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

finally a video i can just enjoy with no crappy music or commentary in the background just pure game play in 1080p goodness

GarrusVakarian1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I can't honestly remember the last time i was this excited for an FPS.

This MP looks amazing! The woodland level especially.

nosferatuzodd1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

i think this game is going to be the playstation version of halo..

edit to the xbox defense force before you attack i said playstation version of halo i didnt say its going to beat halo sales record..

edit this game is p[ure bliss im taking this then im getting ghost these 2 badboys will hold me down until driveclub and infamous drops

deathstriker1877d ago

This doesn't look bad, but it does seem generic as hell. If you change their outfits then that could've been a MP video of Crysis. BF4 seems like it'll be way more fun.

NewMonday1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


love the graphical map variety

I know BF4 has massive destruction, but KZ:SF has the best looking MP and it will be 1080p/60fps

Outside_ofthe_Box1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Waaay to many haters on here.

Looks like Crysis? GTFO...

Seems like the chaotic nature of 32 player public matches in KZ2 are back in Shadow Fall despite the max players being 24.

The game still needs a little more recoil, but the recoil compared to the first MP reveal has definitely increased since then, but it still seems like you can get plenty of kills by praying and spraying so more recoil is still needed.

The classes seem to be a lot more balanced out than I thought they would be. The only thing left to see is the clan system. If they can get that right then Killzone is finally back to the KZ2 glory days. Gotta give Eric Boltjes credit for what he has done with Shadow Fall's MP.

ZodTheRipper1876d ago

lol hate hate hate ...get over it, people enjoy this franchise for a reason. And everyone else would too if they wouldn't be so spoiled from CoD & BF.

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Mikelarry1877d ago

@ noseferatuzodd

i got ghost as well today after much swaying by friends i play with online. i feel i need to give KZ my full attention as i really enjoyed 2 but stopped playing after i had no clan to play with :( but didn't play 3

ATi_Elite1877d ago

MP Gameplay was not impressive in my opinion.

Between Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 KZ:SF MP is WEAK!

I think in the long run PS4 gamers will enjoy Planetside 2 MP way more than KZ:Sf MP

BF4 is a No Brainer as that MP is superb.

KZ:Sf will excel as a great SP experience.

*I'm talking about Gameplay NOT graphics so i don't want to hear any smart mouth comments about graphics, strickley GAMEPLAY*

Mikelarry1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ ati_Elite

i tried BF the one just gone by not the new one and i just could not get into it but this could be because i played on my own and being a cod player didnt help either and since BF is more geared to playing tactical than run and gun i got bored and stopped playing. i prefer KZ as you can run and gun but also play tactical if you choose to

LEOPARD10301877d ago

I respect your opinion,Planetside 2 is amazing but is Pay to win, sometimes is frustrating because the players that paid for weapons and gear have huge advantages, however the scale of the battles is stunning.

Battlefield is great, specially for the diverse options like vehicles, but sometimes you take more time to find an enemy.

Killzone is more active, because is close combat. For example K2 and mercenary are very addictive.

Is nice that the three games will be available for PS4 ;D

DeadlyFire1877d ago

I will play before I judge, but KZ has not been my favorite MP game traditionally. I have seen lots of improvements from game to game though. Its always had a slower tactical weighted feel to the gameplay. Maps look bigger and better than before. It could be interesting, but Guerrila has made a point that they have another IP in the works. Possibly more in tune with the traditional speed of a FPS. Who knows.

1877d ago
Dmagic1876d ago

hey battlefield is ..... crap bro im just saying imho. anyways i like how long it takes to kill people with the right settings i see some epic gunplay happening here this is a mlg/gb type of game right here cant wait for the 15th ghost,2k14,killzone! ohhhhhhh lord :)

Ju1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I like least in the demo. But BF4 plays different than BF3 - way different. It is so much faster than previous games.

But then, all the excuses why BF can't push 1080 and all...I mean, this here, KZ:SF rapes BF4 in every way and instance.

- Faster game play
- More customizations
- Much much better visuals - by a land slide

This is what I was waiting for; unfortunately it won't happen 'till Jan next year...and BF4 will tie me over. Playing conquest anyway. But I can't wait to get this game. I might be stupid enough and do an impulse buy before, if I can actually get my hands on a PS4 before Jan...

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LiQuiZoN1877d ago

This looks great, but I just had an idea.

I'd really like to see a mode where all the weapons and attachments are locked and as your gain experience in a set of matches you unlock things (only in those matches).

Think counter strike!

1877d ago
thehitman1876d ago

The animation looks insane I dont see animation like that on neither BF4, or CoD. If you get shot in the leg you drop like you got shot their and not fall or die like a tree. The rag doll physics of killing looks just impeccable.

ssj271876d ago

anyone has a direct download link? that actually runs 1080p at 60fps? youtube make no justice to this masterpiece .

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Xsilver1877d ago

watch in 1080p and enjoy.

Xsilver1876d ago

ikr waiting for gamersyde to get in full 1080p so i could download it.

nades_all_night1877d ago

Was that a counter melee @ 00:52?!

DoomeDx1877d ago

Its not. It was just a preset animation.

There are no counters in killzone shadow fall

GarrusVakarian1877d ago


So the guy that tried to knife the person playing in the video got stabbed because of a preset animation? Or is it some sort of perk hat auto counters anyone who tries to stab you from behind?

neoMAXMLC1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Looks like that's just how the animation is. It's not a counter.

slivery1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Killzone: Mercenary on PS Vita has counters, why wouldn't this? Believe it or not Killzone: Mercenary is very similar to Shadow Fall in some ways.

Unless GG said otherwise which I can't find myself I see no reason why it wouldn't be in this one.

Having played Mercenary a lot, that looked like a counter to me and not just an automatic animation. Not sure how it works in this one but technically it could be done the same way seeing the PS4 has a touch pad.

If the game is anything like Mercenary, you probably can get taken down from behind and counter melee attacks from your front like this video had shown. I read that it is supposed to have more as you can combo melee too. So if that is true then I don't see why you would not be able to counter these attacks in anyway seeing it is done in a handheld verison, seems like it would be pretty easy to do on a console version.

Ju1876d ago

Actually, I thought the same thing. KZ:M feels like an appetizer for the "big game". They changed the colors there, too, almost to the point I had the feeling I am playing a SF preview game. Enjoyed it quite a bit - still if I find a slot within my backlog of games...

first1NFANTRY1877d ago

Wow I'm loving the influx of Killzone footage today. It's starting to sink in that launch is just around the corner. Can't believe we're so close.

Mikelarry1877d ago

yet so far November 29 uk :(

Ju1877d ago

If you look at this after the "other" games recently you get the feeling this is runs on a different HW. Impressive.

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