When Did Nintendo Start Running Out of Steam?

As far as electronics companies go, Nintendo is as much of a giant as it is a legend. But as Sony and Microsoft trade heavyweight blows in the ring of console supremacy, Nintendo with its Wii U has been sidelined as far as media attention goes. With the possible exception of its falling share prices…

In spite of having a one year head start, the Wii U is falling short, selling 3.5 million units instead of the targeted 4 million. Many gamers hold Nintendo as an important cornerstone our childhood and it’s a little worrying to consider that rough times may lie ahead for the company. Where did things start to go wrong?

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Godmars2901879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The Wii and an incomplete, rushed to market motion controller. Though few if anyone will admit it.

Could even say it goes as far back as the whole N64/cart days. When failed to mature with the industry both in terms of tech and overall maturity, left the door wide open for Sony to go through, they just never recovered. They largely retreated to handhelds, then came back to dominating consoled with the Wii, but for all the wrong reasons. Failed to realize their mistakes yet blundered onward with the WiiU.

And again, a lot of people are refusing to admit they've done any wrong.

TheUltimateGamer1879d ago

I think that absolutely contributed to it. It was clunky and uncomfortable when you turned it on its side.. You know, like a controller. Had they fixed that and improved video output quality it may have been able to please both casual and hardcore markets. Alas... We'll see what Nintendo's future holds.

Concertoine1879d ago

Are you referring to the wii remote? I dont think nintendo intended for 1:1 motion tracking when they conceptualized that remote... that's why they made the wiimotion plus.
The wii has its gems but i agree otherwise

TheUltimateGamer1879d ago

Yes, the Wii remote. the wiimotion plus was an improvement but still didn't fix the problem. The biggest issue, I think, was the fact that they neglected the hardcore gamers that will sit and play games for hours at a time. You simple can't with the Wii remote. When you look at the leading consoles they come with ergonomic controllers that don't cause your hands to cramp after a short while of playing.
While I completely agree with the fact that the Wii had its gems I imagine they would have done a lot better had they not "rushed" the console as Godmars290 pointed out. It was a phenomenal concept but fell short of what it could/should have been.

NYC_Gamer1879d ago

I really believe Nintendo ruined their image with the core crowd when they released the casual focused Wii

TheUltimateGamer1879d ago

I completely agree. Its sad day, I used to think Nintendo would continue to dominate the market. Personally, I think it'll take a miracle to change it from the industry laughing stock to a true contender... Again.

Concertoine1879d ago

Dominate the market? The gamecube and n64 were far from dominating anything. The wii was the exception to a 20 year downward slope in sales.
To label them the industry laughing stock is just immature. Anyone who laughs at a company that is trying to do things differently miss the point of games, to have FUN. The wii has arguably the best nintendo first party line up since the SNES (twilight princess, galaxy 1&2, DKCR, Kirbys epic yarn, metroid prime 3, brawl, skyward sword, amongst others). The system itself couldve been better but in terms of hardcore games it is by no means lacking.
You people act like you cant have the best of both worlds, creative hardware AND hardcore games. That's what the Wii failed to do. But the wii u's second screen formula is tried and true, it is proven to enhance games with the ds series.

wheresmymonkey1879d ago

Yeah Nintendo are doomed!! I mean look at the 3ds its only been the best selling gaming device for the last 6 months everywhere....

And the wii what a flop only sold 100million units all at a profit.

And the games they make i mean come on, they're only some of the highest rated and most loved in the history of the industry. Look at all the games they've recently released. A remake which scored better marks athan most new game sout in the same month a new pokemon which critics love and has sold 4million copies in a week.

Nintendo clearly are running out nof steam.....

JuleyJules1879d ago

All those are great points! The only way they 'ran out of steam' is getting games out when Wii U launched. However, since August they've released Pikmin 3, WW HD, Wii Party U and soon Wii Fit U, Wii Sports Club, Rayman Legends (in Japan), Mario & Sonic Olympics, Super Mario 3D plus a bunch coming in 2014. As you said they are not running out of steam but were slow to the table and that's the issue now. However, they do need to up the advertising. Where is it? A new Direct next week would help to propel them into the holiday season and releases of PS4 and Xbone. They do need something to ramp up the interest but they can do it if they start now. A surprise or two during the Direct would certainly go a long way. Did they postpone DKC:TF to release something else unannounced in December or to have a big game out in February?

TheUltimateGamer1879d ago

It's not simply the fact that they are selling well in the handheld division, they are still on top of their game there. I won't argue that at all.

My point is that they burnt they're core audience with the Wii and very few casual gamers care enough about their consoles to upgrade to a new system when it comes around. The Wii U is proof of that fact.
While it was a great concept it was too little too late. I still respect Nintendo and truly hope they can successfully come back to the SYSTEM market. Otherwise, you are correct in saying they have the handheld market cornered, Though it could have easily been said without the sarcasm and spite. Thanks.

GordonKnight1879d ago

Core audience? You do realize casual gamers are about 75% of the market. It may not be the better console, but the price and games apeal to the a larger market. Do you really think parents want their kids playing GTA V.

Valkyrieone1879d ago

When all they make is Mario and Zelda, yet people complain about COD re-hash every year.

That's when Nintendo ran out of steam.

JuleyJules1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

'Hardcore' gamers love to complain about Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and other games Nintendo keeps putting out yet they will buy annual COD, AC and other games on other systems and that's okay? Why is that okay but Nintendo 'runs out of steam' by releasing games people love that sell in huge numbers? We also see endless comments by people that say Nintendo needs to release kiddie games on PS3/360 or PS4/Xbone. What's up with that? It seems they just can't bring themselves to buy a Nintendo system but they want the games.

TheUltimateGamer1879d ago

I'm all for the classic characters. I love Mario, Link, DK, Kirby, etc... Smash Bros is one of my all time favorite games. The biggest problem I see is that they've made it so there are only games designed for younger audiences on their system (yes, there are the few and far between exceptions). When there are only a very small handful of games that you want to play on a system it's hard to justify spending the money that a console costs.

Just to throw it out there.. I can't stand the Ubisoft/EA release schedule. Drives me up the wall!

Benjaminkno1878d ago

Nintendo still makes more money than anyone...

Sony and Microsoft don't make even close as much money in the gaming industry.. so... get over it

lilbroRx1879d ago

Loaded question. Nintendo hasn't run out of steam. Last I checked, they were still the most profitable console manufacturer on the planet.

3DS is still leading the world in sells and the Wii U's sell are constantly going up.

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