Sony's PS3 Home timeline goes from bad to worse

Sony's much-hyped foray into virtual worlds is turning into an embarrassment for the company and the PlayStation 3 platform. When Home was first announced early last year, the potential Second Life competitor was heralded as a "very friendly, enticing platform" that would "finally bring secure 3D virtual communities to the masses."

But it wasn't long before news of delays began to leak out. At last year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group COO Kazuo Hirai confirmed that the project would be held back until spring 2008. Microsoft's Xbox 360 group, which at the time was glowing from the well-received Halo 3 buildup, was quick to pile on.

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aggh im on fire3860d ago

Don't mind if they delay home as long as they get the XMB out.

Feihc Retsam3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

When SONY announces a date, we need to think... "Ok, what's the longest we would be able to accept this project being delayed? 30 days? 60 days?"
Whatever acceptable delay you come up with, add about 3 months to that, and that's roughly when it will be released.

Damnit SONY, my anus is starting to hurt.

sonarus3860d ago

I mind the delay...I mind a lot. Sony announced home waaaay too early. They were under a lot of pressure to compete with live but giving us fake release dates suck

gw4k3860d ago

Sony knew Home wasn't going to be ready last year. Sony knew it wasn't going to be ready in the Spring of 2008.

The say this stuff to create hype. They will do anything and say anything to take business away from the 360 and the Wii. It is as simple as that!

If I owned a company as such I would do the same thing.

It sucks for gamers, because we are the ones who are screaming for something good from Sony. We paid a ton of money for a machine that collects dust. Very little in the way of great content. Yes yes, I know, it is coming, everything is coming with the PS3. Nothing is NOW!

Makes me damn mad.

HowarthsNJ3860d ago

Almost anyone with a PS3 is likely to get in on it if they really want to.

You get to satisfy your curiosity and make suggestions on how to improve it. That's much better than getting the final version full of things you aren't happy with.

In any case HOME will evolve even after it's gone gold. So if you don't like it even then, it will improve as time goes by.

fenderputty3860d ago

Games (KZ2 etc.)> Ingame XMB > Home

Home is nice. It's going to be great for the community. I can wait for it though. Just get me the games that I want, bring on the ingame XMB and make sure Home kicks total ass before it's released.

It better kick ass after all this ...

athlon7703860d ago

I'm right there with ya, while HOME would be nice to finally get, I will not get too worked up over it as it is not why I purchased the PS3. People such as gw4k there are blowing this way out of proportion...really, your PS3 is collecting dust because HOME is not out? How about you try a different record there gw4k, that one is scratched all up.

HOME has been re-designed from the ground up multiple times. If it takes another year for us to get our hands on it...well, fine. It is not like we are missing anything other than 'trophies'. But I do not think we should have to do without in-game messenging at this point. That is the one true feature that PSN is missing over XBL. Online gaming is designed to bring friends together and Microsoft has one killer ap to do this with, Sony needs to get off their laurals and allow us to invite and chat with our friends no matter what we are doing!

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niall773860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

in game XMB is what i want

Home just seems like a bit of a waste of time..

if I want to buy stuff I use the ps store and not HOME, if I want to talk to someone on my friends list I use the CHAT thingy and not HOME. If I want to get some new info on a game I use the internet NOT HOME

I just dont get the point in it

beavis4play3860d ago

dude, you need to get more info. there are going to be so many options(at least that's what is being said) available in home. check out what insomniac and naughty dog have planned. (for example)

Brawler3860d ago

I want XMB too. I just wish sony would not make fake release dates. and could just say soon like valve which we all know soon means maybe a year to we fix that.

DiLeCtioN3860d ago

sony dont put people's hopes up when you know you arent going to deliver a feature you have been advertising for almost a yr.

If you arent 100% sure i advice you to hold your announcements until its ready.

Hellsvacancy3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

do people think i want 2 walk around a virtual world challenging people 2 play chess or bowling, im not sayin i wont use it because i will im just not in that much of a rush, if u could vicously attack other people or rob sum1s house or even trash the cinema or shops THEN ILL PLAY IT EVERY-DAY HELL Y NOT CALL IT MANHUNT 3 "HOME" LOL

GiantEnemyCrab3860d ago

What you have is a sausage fest gimmick that people will play for a week and then never go back to again.

Trick Nolte3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I dont see the need to rush it either. I mean as long as they keep hitting us with the Software I'm good. HOME is a perk and its free and because its free Sony could have have pumped it out half baked but its good to know that they are carefully crafting it.

People are bichin and crying over this and for what? maybe they are adding more schit to it than they originally planned and 3rd parties are involved so maybe its a matter of incorporating some of their schit. Either way I respect the fact that they actually givva fukc to continue invest time and money IN A FREE SERVICE.. PEOPO!!!!

Trick Nolte3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

and what we have here above me is 1 sausageless douche who spends most of his time trolling PS3 threads bcuz aint sh!t happening in the land of microshaft. November 2008. The only good month for 360. Guess we're stuck with you til then. MESSAGE

3860d ago
Snukadaman3860d ago

You mean mods are quick to ban someone from the gamer zone for using the word xbot... but this idiot can be on long enough to post 10 comments...this isnt even funny people...this is absolutely a slap in the face to any minority that frequents these pages...whats next..disparaging words towards mexicans...japanese...come on mods do your job.

ravinshield3860d ago

Yes lets WAIT for 2009.the year the ps3 wins.hahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahah.WAIT B3YOND

BrianC62343860d ago

Right now I think most people would be happy if the current interface was just improved to allow better communication in games. You know, in-game XMB. I want to see Home finally come out but if it never happens I say no big deal. It seems like a big project for nothing really. It's a meeting room. Do we really need such a fancy lobby? I don't know. I don't care that much about online gaming though.

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