Sony Gives Europe the Thumbs Up? states:

"Yesterday, we received this nice letter from Jonathan Britton, who has probably also sent to Sony, or Sony saw the letter on our site, or various others, but Sony heard the complaint and said "here you go, want cookies with that?". The letter complained about how Sony treats other regions differently on the PlayStation Store, in this case, Europe was the one taking the beating. Sony has recently pulled up the release for the CoD4 variety map pack for Europe, creating a simultaneous worldwide release date for Thursday, April 24th. As a result of this, Infinity Ward has brought Double XP Weekend earlier than expected, because originally they were going to wait until Europe got their Map Pack, Double XP Weekend will begin at 12:01am GMT on Friday and it will finish at 11:59pm PDT on Sunday. This gives the players 8 more hours of Double XP Weekend. As another special treat "Play with Infinity Ward" day is now Friday April 25th and the developers will be playing with the users between the hours of 11am and 2pm PDT as well as between 5pm and 8pm PDT."

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St03859d ago

That's nice, but wasn't the letter complaining about the Europe store and how badly arranged it was, and to make it more like the US one?

thewolf53858d ago

the letter was because of that, but mainly it was because of the delayed content

Sugaruby333858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

developers our going to get pwned at their own game

but then again...

they know all the sniping angles to the maps and were they lead to and the best hiding spots AND weak points

d3l33t3858d ago

double xp weekend? throw me a frikin bone IW

Jim Crowslaw3858d ago

the guy name is Britton.....thats ironic, no wonder he feels some sort of way

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