Next Car Game Interview: Destruction Engine, Next Gen Development And Modding

"We recently got in touch with Joonas Laakso, Producer at Bugbear Entertainment to talk about their latest project, Next Car Game. Bugbear Entertainment are the developers behind popular racing games like FlatOut, Sega Rally PSP and Ridge Racer Unbounded, so they are no strangers to the genre. We asked Joonas about the destruction engine, different modes, PS4 and Xbox development, modding and more in Next Car Game."

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Gamingisfornerds1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

"For us, Forza 5 is the game to beat. It just screams high production values and a disturbing amount of dedication from the developers. The graphics are second to none, and so far ahead of the competition, it's almost discouraging..."

"If we can manage to even somewhat approach what Forza 5 is achieving, we'll have set our next-gen goal..."

I appreciate their modesty, but surely they'd want to aim to surpass Forza rather than to equal it?!

isarai1848d ago

GOD i hope this game comes to PS4, Bugbear make the best racing games IMO, their physics makes the games so satisfying