'Secret Ponchos' is the Mashup You Never Knew You Always Wanted

From SonyRumors: "We would always play Soulcalibur,” explained Mapara, “and we’d turn off the music because we’d get sick of it, and turn on our own music. I had a bunch of spaghetti Western music, and there was this weird chemistry between the music and what was happening that just seemed really cool.” The decision to do a top down shooter that is, at its heart, a fighting game wasn’t necessarily their plan from the get-go. “We came up with an art and a theme, and we let that inspire the game. I think that’s why we came up with a game that plays so different from other games, because it’s not derivative of anything.”

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bebitech1879d ago

This does look like a pretty interesting game. Wouldn't have looked at it otherwise.