Social media suggests gamers more excited for Call of Duty: Ghosts than Battlefield 4

GameZone writes, "It looks like Call of Duty will once again reign supreme over Battlefield, if social media chatter is any indication. Fizziology, a social media research firm which provides "meaningful business intelligence" by tracking and studying data gained from social media websites, has found that fans are talking more about Call of Duty: Ghosts than Battlefield 4."

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Lalanana1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I could understand that. COD has a much bigger fan base i guess.

DeadlyFire1852d ago

Well 60 fps was the only benefit CoD had last gen. This gen its equal with 60 fps for many titles. So it could fall down a little compared to other FPS titles this gen.

CoD will have lots of sales, but so will Battlefield. This year they should be more even than before. As they both are competing to win the sales crown. Both sides should have improved games from this competitive spirit.

GuyThatPlaysGames1852d ago

You're right. But let's all be honest here, CoD will always outsell the BF games. The CoD fanbase is just so massive!

MidnytRain1851d ago

I doubt the mass of casuals were concerned with the frame rate.

MWong1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

@ OVOXO_Mike
I have to agree with you. Even though BF is my FPS of choice, I don't think it will outsell COD. Their fanbase is massive.

To me I go with BF because with each game they don't rely on what got them where they are. They usually look at their previous engine open it up and change it adding new parts to it, adding new components to the entire game that wasn't previously seen.

I compare COD to Madden. The same game year after year with just minor changes and improvements and they call it a new game.

malokevi1852d ago

Social media suggests that the sky is typically blue. Humanity in shock.

NYC_Gamer1852d ago

COD is the bigger brand in terms of sales and fanbase so its expected

king_george1852d ago

I know im probably gonna get attacked for saying this but I actually think ghosts is looking pretty cool. bf4 looks good too but im more excited for cod this year for some reason. this competition between the two is actually really awesome because it's forcing both to up their games :) and everyone knows how badly cod has needed some competition for a few years now

Drakesfortune1852d ago

forcing both to up their games by adding a dog and a.i fish...yipeee for us gamers

king_george1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

its a simple choice really... either buy cod/bf4 or dont. I for one think that competition breeds innovation and the final products will reveal that. time will tell. sorry for liking ghosts I guess. im definitely getting both games tho

Hayabusa 1171852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

COD Ghosts includes a dog. Battlefield 4 let's you punch dogs. 'Nuff said.

On topic though, I was seriously resisting the urge to buy Ghosts since there's very little else coming out on the next gen systems, but after seeing those recent videos of Ghosts on the PS4, it's a lot easier to make my mind up. Ghosts looks barely next gen at all, not surprising considering it's a multi format game, but still, it just doesn't have anything that appeals to me.

I'm not terribly excited by BF4 but I'd much rather give that a try then play yet another COD game. Since the Infinity Ward founders left, the series has gradually lost it's spark IMO.

HaMM4R1852d ago

I think the problem is, is that because call of duty fails to innovate every year, battlefield feels as though they can do the exact same thing. What we really need is for one of the companies to really step up. If they both fail to innovate, then where is the competition?

Spinal1851d ago

CoD hasn't upped it's game at all. You're they type of gamer that's causing this problem keep buying CoD with the little to no improvements they make in their games.

They've done nothing this year that wasn't in Black Ops 2 the visuals are exactly the same. The player count is the same. No additions to gameplay same ole kill streaks.

king_george1851d ago

some of you replied respectfully and thats cool I appreciate that. but hey spinalc0rd, im a GAMER and I play whatever the hell I want. and im sorry but you are wrong about me. blackops 2 was my FIRST EVER call of duty game so im not nearly as tired of the formula as you are. deal with it. I support awesome games like The last of Us, God of War, Ni no kuni, killzone, infamous, and littlebigplanet. I also support the hell outta the indies. and yes, I love battlefield also

im not causing any problems in this industry so next time you want to judge someone for liking something that you dont, atleast make sure you know what ur talking about.

-Mika-1852d ago

Im not surprised. Battlefield 4 seems really meh right now. Beside the graphics, I haven't seen any new things that makes me want to be hyped about it.

Idba1852d ago

wow ...

you need to get a new pair of glasses mate

iceman061852d ago

Your opinion, I guess. But, I hope that this isn't in comparison because they both look good (BF LOOKS graphically more impressive) and neither is really doing anything above and beyond what they do...which is good for their respective audiences. Their fans will inevitably complain about what is lacking, then continue to play for months and months on end...just as always. Then, proclaim to the world what is wrong with the other game. For me, CoD got really tedious right round MW2 and I haven't played it since. I might get BF4, but it will have to wait until after other games that I am more excited about.

Hayabusa 1171852d ago

"For me, CoD got really tedious right round MW2 and I haven't played it since. I might get BF4, but it will have to wait until after other games that I am more excited about."


Darrius Cole1852d ago

32 vs 32 on consoles, with vehicles and destructible environments, seems pretty new to me. I can't pass it up.

Spinal1851d ago

Battlefield innovated from Battlefield 2 to 3 and atleast in BF4 with levolution they trying to make a difference. CoD hasn't innovated since Modern Warfare 1 Loool. Tell me I'm wrong tell me what I've missed.

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