Four games that go Green

From the Article, "The current trend is to try and go Green to help conserve natural resources and protect the Earth. It should come as no surprise that video games have been going Green for years. Quite a few titles convey Earth friendly messages to players in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Their methods may occasionally be unconventional, but at least they're putting a positive message out there. In order to celebrate Earth Day (which happens to be today, April 22, 2008), Gamertell is going to salute Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Final Fantasy VII, Chibi Robo!: Park Patrol and Eco Creatures: Save the Forest, just a few of the Earth-friendly games which have appeared over the years.

Each game will also be thoroughly analyzed to see just how effective its methods and execution are. After that, the games will be ranked in shades of green, based on the crayon colors shown at Crayola's website."

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