Operation Sports- NBA 2K14: Next-Gen Hands-On Impressions

OS:This time around 2K wants OS'ers to know one thing: The next gen version of NBA 2K14 is not a port. But is that a good thing?

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gedden71578d ago

Damn NBA 2k14 is looking like the best Next Gen game period!

badboy7761577d ago

Beyond Two SOuls graphics surpass these graphics on current gen!!! Sports games can do these graphics now!!!!!

gedden71577d ago

hahaha another uneducated gamer.. Lets say that you'er right.. B2S is very scripted, limited interactions and cinematic. Meaning it's more CG than actual gameplay... So Yes Current Gen can pull off some crazy graphics BUT does it have real time AI, Physics, DYNAMIC Animations, Dynamic Gameplay, ACTUAL Deep gameplay Mechanics?? You know stuff that REAL games have?

No, didn't think so.. bye bye now.. EaD!

chito1016d1578d ago

awwww man this is going to blow peoples minds if it will look just like the trailer.

gedden71577d ago

It does, just the cam will be pulled back so you wont notice it so much..

chito1016d1577d ago

The game play is so much smoother. Really looking forward to playing as the Warriors and raining 3's with the splash brothers

gusgusjr1578d ago

Game play looks almost similar to previous versions. Graphics look great and will look better in person in 1080p. I just not sure if this is worth it though. I'm just not sure where else they can take sports games. Then again I buying Ghost and Battlefield at launch Xb1 and PS4 respectively. :/

gedden71577d ago

All I saw is read articles and play it.

From what I read and know whats in the game hmmm might be worth it..

Teaber1578d ago

Can't wait! Day one for me.