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Exclusive Forza 5 Gameplay Trailer

GS:Take a hot lap in glorious 1080p 60fps in this direct feed gameplay video from Forza 5 on Xbox One. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

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malokevi  +   648d ago
Damn, sun.
Braid  +   648d ago
The cars look good but I think the environment is still lacking some detail- especially the vegetation and the crowd. As much as I love how the cars look, I wouldn't call those visuals "next-gen" as the whole package is not completely polished.

That the game runs at a solid 1080p@60 fps is still a good accomplishment, though.
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Lalanana  +   648d ago
Wow, i am not a racing game fan but these cars looks nice.
Drewidian  +   648d ago
Exactly what detail are you looking for? I'm not trying to be combative, I genuinely am interested in what you think is missing.

From what I understand this is a replication of a real track that was laser scanned for realism. So... What would you like to see? Keep in mind that while the game runs at 60 FPS the video itself and the capture device and video playback probably run at 30 FPS.
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Braid  +   648d ago

I might be wrong but I believe the trees/vegetation on the hills are still not completely 3D and the crowd is still a cookie-cutter two dimensional copy and paste, which are some of the details I wouldn't want to see on a next-gen console. The cars look gorgeous, and when the cars look that good, visual flaws on the track/map sticks out like a sore thumb, which is a major distraction (well, at least for me).

I don't want to be that guy who brings something irrelevant up to the discussion- but I think Drive Club's shaders (especially the lighting) look better than what we see here as well. As far as we know DC runs at 30 frames per second (for now, and I believe is 720p) so I guess there's a price to every bit of detail.
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xHeavYx  +   648d ago
@ around the 32 second mark, why is there a shadow under the car that is evenly distributed, even if the sun is hitting from the right side?
Idba  +   648d ago
DC is 1080p and they delayed ut so they can make it 60fps
VENOMACR1227  +   648d ago
Hmmm, the cars look fantastic, isn’t that the most important thing? When you blow by trees and spectators at 150+mph, I doubt it matters the amount of detail in a spectator or a tree. When I’m racing online I’m worried about other cars, the next corner, etc. I’m not worrying about how the landscape doesn’t look as great as the car, there spectator is in the same place each lap, or that a tree doesn’t look like a real tree.

The gameplay looks awesome and the cars do to. The track itself looks excellent as well. All the scenery and other crap is meaningless. It’s a racing game so as long as the racing and the cars look great, that’s what matters. Look at “The Crew” those graphics don’t look anywhere near this nice.

Can’t wait for this game.
malokevi  +   648d ago

Yo, chill out dawg.
xHeavYx  +   648d ago
Chill? For asking a question? I think you should save your bubbles for something more relevant, instead of showing every single time that you have nothing important to say (By the way, you probably know already, but you are not funny, stop trying so hard)
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malokevi  +   648d ago
Yo, heavy, chill out dawgy.
JokesOnYou  +   648d ago
Heavy come on man, seriously you are trying too hard.

Game looks awesome, the new lighting engine is sweet and the cars are pure eye candy. Forza5 is absolutely superb visually and like its predecessors will play very well as usual which is why so many previews speak so highly of what Turn10 has done with Forza5.
xHeavYx  +   648d ago
Again, it was just a question (that it seems no one wants to answer). Why not provide an answer instead of wasting a bubble?
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angelsx  +   648d ago
Same like Forza 4
Elzer  +   648d ago
Wow insanely realistic. People need to stop complaing about the lack of detail in the trees or dynamic weather. Forza 5's game engine detail is much more natural and realistic to "real life detail" the graphics are perfect for a "racing game"

Driveclub's game engine is great, but it's graphics engine causes it's details to show unnaturally. The layers of detail pop out more and people claim that it means it has better graphics which isn't the case.

I can see why Driveclub got delayed, Forza at 60FPS and realistic detail is too overwhelming for Driveclub. These are one of the only titles you can do direct comparisons from each system and it's bad on sony's part because it will show that ps4 may be weaker. By delaying the launch it gives time for driveclub devs to make some changes and it allows direct comparison between the two games to not be a deciding factor of choosing a system to buy at launch. Smart move on Sony...

If you like to look at trees and enjoy observing weather.... Play Driveclub.

If you want to play realistically, see your cars and environment as close to real life appearances, play Forza 5
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skydragoonity  +   648d ago
I can't believe this is a next gen game. This can easily be done on the ps3
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IHassounah  +   648d ago
Are you real ?
feraldrgn  +   648d ago
Lol that edit, should've stuck with the original.
kiz2694  +   648d ago
I agree, racing games cant really get much better graphically, its all about the simulation from now on and techniques used to create the game, and enhanced features.
VENOMACR1227  +   648d ago
Must be a GT fan. Which is a shame considering Forza has surpassed GT.
FunkMacNasty  +   648d ago
oooooohh!! can it, can it!?!? Tell me skydraoonity can it be done on the ps3!?!? THAT'S ALL I WANT TO KNOW.... oooohhh SOOOO exciting!!!

Not only can the ps3 run a next gen game like Forza 5, but here are some more fun facts you might not know about the ps3:

*The ps3 can re-enter the earth's atmosphere without catching fire

*If the ps3 loses a limb, it can biologically regenereate it within 6 hours

*The ps3 doesnt do push-ups, it pushes the earth down.

*Using the power of the cell, a team of ps3's commanded by Naughty dog developers took down Osama Bin Laden

*The 9/11 Terrorist attacks couldve been prevented by a ps3

*The ps3 was the first console in space

*Formula-one racing cars are powered by dual ps3's

*Ps3's deployed by the UN in North Africa are working in tandem with Polyphony Digital to eradicate famine in the Sudan (However, the process has taken 6 years to complete, and due to complications, many innocent Sudanese civilians have had to eat loaves of bread that were ported from 1999 and thus were rendered in standard mode when served).
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neoMAXMLC  +   648d ago
*The ps3 doesnt do push-ups, it pushes the earth down.

That made me lol pretty good.
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Drewidian  +   648d ago
Yep... Day One! Despite what the critics say. This looks really good.
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GrimWykydtron  +   648d ago
wow looks like forza 3 dlc >.<
whats the point of next gen if all u do is upgrade shadows and add some reflections to windows... sorry but its just how it looks.
mcstorm  +   648d ago
You mean like GT5 was just some premium cars and tracks and the rest was GT4 Come on see how easy it is to mock another game.

Forza 5 looks amazing and one of the best looking games we have seen on the Xbox one and PS4.
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   648d ago
It does look great, i like how its colourful, forza 5, ryse and kz sf the best looking launch titles for the xboxone/ps4.
mcstorm  +   648d ago
DatRamboX I agree they are 3 very good looking games. The one I really want to see is an Alan Wake 2 on the xbox one as I think they could do what they wanted to do with the 1st game.
u got owned  +   648d ago
I wonder how you feel about Knack. Trolling much?
strigoi814  +   648d ago
sun is too bright like the need for speed undercover..wearing sunglasses cant even control that sun rays
Naga  +   648d ago
You should probably get outside more. The sun is actually bright in real life.
BeAGamer  +   648d ago
HugoDrax  +   648d ago
Hahahaha, he/she really said the sun is too bright. There could be a supernova in Forza 5 and I would still be playing it on November 22nd. I think it looks amazing! I enjoyed the music as well :-)
u got owned  +   648d ago
get out of that basement once in a while.
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fghtrer3fb5erg  +   648d ago
Holy heck, forza 5 does look good, they improved a couple things from their first direct feed.
Markissluv  +   648d ago
This looks so amazing I shed a tear watching.
Niv  +   648d ago
It looks like GT6 in 1080P. Meh
NoLongerHereCBA  +   648d ago
It looks quite nice, but I am really wondering what happened to the so called "in-game" footage that was being released months ago.

One of the things that distracts me the most, despite the obvious compression that this vid features are the trees/grass. The lighting/'shadows' that they receive are so strange/not existing and they look really bland/washed out/light color wise.
PraxxtorCruel  +   648d ago
When you're going 100+ mph, do you really have time to take your eyes off the road long enough to assess the environment?
NoLongerHereCBA  +   648d ago
I am not saying it is a terrible thing, just that it is something I noticed. You have to admit it doesn't look as good as when they first showed the game.

It still looks great and I'm sure it'll look much much better when I will be playing it myself. It'll furthermore be a great racing game, which is of course most important.

just voicing my opinion if that is still allowed here.
jhoward585  +   648d ago
Drive Clubs has the look, but foza5 has the feel.
Niv  +   648d ago
But GT has both look and feel
BeAGamer  +   648d ago
looks great, props to Turn 10
urwifeminder  +   648d ago
Stunning although I will wind the colour back slightly when I play it.
rakentaja  +   648d ago
This is 720p / 30fps recording and doesn't see half as good as in actual gameplay on your screen. Here is the best Off-Screen quality video that looks 5x better than this one (direct feed my axx).

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Ko_Uraki  +   648d ago
Beautiful but I wait for a hd download
PsylentKiller  +   648d ago
I may just hold off till Project Cars comes around. Forza 5 does look amazing but it's the only racing sim on the Xbox. Forza has no direct competition. Gran Turismo or Drive Club don't count as they are on Sony's console. We need another racing sim just like we need 2K to make football games again.
pulsecode  +   648d ago
Looking lovely :) Though it still bugs me that on the outside view the mirrors seem to be back to front (look when he drives close to kerbs around the 1:55 mark and you'll see the yellow that should be reflecting in the mirror on the same side as the kerb, is reflecting in the opposite mirror). It was like that in Forza 3 and 4 too! Bah!
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cyhm3112  +   648d ago
sorry, i really can't understand why people say this look good for a NEXT GEN game. But I am not surprised it will look this bad if it is really 1080p and 60fps. XBone is not PS4, it can't do 1080p, 60fps and still looks good, look at the launch lineups, which one is 1080, 60fps? Battlefield 4 multiplayer is the only one comes to mind, it does look pretty bad for a next gen game. Sorry xbox fans, it is what it is. I don't get why people will be a fan for a console, it is fucking stupid, sorry for being honest and to your face, disagree whatever you like, I don't care.
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FunkMacNasty  +   648d ago
"Sorry xbox fans, it is what it is. I don't get why people will be a fan for a console, it is fucking stupid, sorry for being honest and to your face, disagree whatever you like, I don't care."

*Trolls the whole game AND the console it's exclusive to, then professes not to understand "why people are console fans."


cyhm3112, you have just won the 2013 "pot calling the kettle black" award.

And.. no need to "apologize to xbox fans"... no apology needed with awesome games like this coming to the system. I will, however, apologize to you and the entire Sony troll kingdom, for having your tiny brains shoved so far up your rear, Which is probably why you think this game looks bad--too busy staring at your own brown winker, eh?
NoLongerHereCBA  +   648d ago
What's your point troll? People buy a system for the games. You apparently don't since all you can do is boast which is best even though nothing has been confirmed. Glad you won't be on XBL.
christocolus  +   648d ago
so glad alot of them wont be on xbx live..
Elit3Nick  +   648d ago
anyone notice the KTM crossbow at 2:20 ? ^^
mitford  +   648d ago
looks nice looking forward to getting my hands on it, my only gripe is the gear paddle shift motion was a bit excessive he was taking his had off the wheel to change gaer
Animal Mutha 76  +   647d ago
At least it was running with more than one car on the track ;)

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