PS4 vs Xbox One: why Sony’s console is more developer-friendly

Lessons were learned. After eight years of memory management issues and Cell-related woe, PlayStation developers can look forward to a console more powerful on paper than Xbox One yet no more complicated than Microsoft’s own mini-PC. That extra overhead will give them greater room for manoeuvre when porting crossplatform games and more options when developing for PlayStation alone, but the consoles’ similarities are so numerous, developers’ only frustration is needing to port games at all.

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GarrusVakarian1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

1. Sony asked developers what they wanted when it came to the PS4(if that's not dev friendly then i don't know what is).

2. They give their utmost support to indie devs. (Glad MS followed suit)

Those 2 reasons say it all.

Kayant1852d ago

Add to that that Mark Cerny the lead architect is a programmer/dev himself.

xHeavYx1851d ago

Give developers the most powerful next gen machine, which is also easy to develop for, and just wait for the results

darthv721851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

This line is interesting: "While Microsoft was busy buying Titanfall and Dead Rising 3, Sony was funding a hundred indie projects"

MS didnt buy titanfall as if they did then they would own it but they dont. so in essence they too funded the development of the project.

Sony (who say they NEVER pay for exclusives) funded a bunch of indie games, but because of the wording makes it seem like they didnt buy these games.

If they (Sony) are the publisher of these games then how is that not the same as buying exclusivity? ex:

Sony: We will be more than happy to fund your project in exchange for publishing rights.
Indie: Uhhhh...sure

Is it the selective use of the word: "funding" that absolves them (Sony) of the same 'dirty deed'?

bottom line is both parties are guilty of the same act of buying exclusivity. where there is a greater chance of $$ to be made, you are sure as sh** that MS AND Sony will jump at that chance.

Xwow20081852d ago

After they report that the ps4 is 50%+ faster now they give us this "PlayStation developers can look forward to a console more powerful on paper than Xbox One"

I don't know what happened to edge but they are doing lot of 180s lately.

Lunarassassin1852d ago

You're also forgetting "Doesn't use esram"

osprey191852d ago

Not true the esram is an evolution of the edram which is in xb360, and the xb360 is regarded as easier to develop than just about any console. So when the fundamental architecture of the xb1 is similar to the 360 ( albiet vastly upgraded components). Plz tell me how this will make things more complicated.

thehitman1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

@ osprey because the Esram is not an efficient design for ultra HD gaming. It was relatively easy to develop for compared to the ps3 which had a very sophisticated design. However compared to the ps4 Sony's design runs a circle around the Xb1 design. Developers who developed for xbox should be use to it, so no it doesnt make things more complicated but the alternative platform made things so much easier.

IcicleTrepan1852d ago

here's reason 3.

PS4 dev kit uses a plugin to Microsoft Visual Studio lol

G20WLY1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

If true, why is it funny? :/

kB01852d ago

Yeah I don't get it either...I mean Mac uses Microsoft word...

Microsoft Visual Studio is a Coding software and a good one for that matter...

If true I also see nothing funny about that myself...

That's like saying, Xbox One uses Blu Ray LOL...


Moving on.

pyramidshead1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

A well respected game developer asking other respected game developers what they wanted in new game developing hardware for games, for the gamers....

Pretty much lol.

mhunterjr1851d ago

Wait, are you suggesting that the people who designed Xbox One didn't have developer input? Because that would be a ridiculous suggestion....

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GmIsOnPt3601852d ago DITCHED touch senstive buttons in the dualshock 4???wtf dumb call

neocores1852d ago

How is that a bad call?

IcicleTrepan1852d ago

I believe the reason they did that is because almost no developers were using that feature anyway on previous controllers.

iamnsuperman1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

"With the DualShock 3, we were able to get analog data, which games didn’t really use," said Sony product planning manager Toshimasa Aoki. "For DualShock 4, we deleted that, and now it’s all digital"

If games didn't use it why include it. I don't think I noticed a game that did use it. Developers clearly saw no reason to use it before what would change now

kingPoS1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Ahem...any racing game qualifies the use of analog! It's what makes GT5 with a controller manageable.

Teh power of analog! lol

Now with any Racing game on PS4 or XB1 you'll be forced to use triggers if you want any modicum of control. The other alternative is to buy a secondary device. If it's not supported, be it wheel or otherwise, well... tough luck!

FamilyGuy1851d ago

It's pressure sensitive, not "touch" sensitive. It'd the difference between analogue and digital and the only game that really ever used it were some racing games. Without it controls instantly become more responsive, as in it lowers the response time between pressing a button and having the action occur on screen. Pretty sure they mainly just saw it as a waste of money though.

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Godmars2901852d ago

"why Sony’s console is more developer-friendly"

MS became unbelievably complacent. Believed that Sony would underpower their system while they could dictate terms to developers as well as consumers. Felt that they - MS - didn't have to be concerned with developers, especially indie devs, while dictating terms of use to consumers while focusing more on media applications.

Basically, they've been swallowing all the HS they've been preaching with the fist Xbox and the 360. Thought they were the #1 console maker with the go-to system when all they've really been doing for over ten years is disrupting things.

XboxFun1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Sony asked devs because they knew they messed up with the cell for PS3.

MS has been making dev friendly consoles from the start.

Not mention offering free dedicated servers and making every Xbox One a dev kit. Also they set up a special group who's only job is to handle indie dev support.

MS is making sure that they do everything right for their Xbox One this time around.

"Lol, sure, especially when it comes to policies"

Yes I agree, they are changing policies just like Sony has and Nintendo in the past. And yet MS gets so much slack when they change theirs. Especially making changes that never affected the consumer.

xHeavYx1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

"MS is making sure that they do everything right for their Xbox One this time around."
Lol, sure, especially when it comes to policies.
@Your edit
Neither Sony or Nintendo had to change policies like MS has

mhunterjr1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I think Sony has done a better job courting a large number of Indie Developers. Mainly by throwing free hardware at them, and having a less stringent quality control program. That's what made them the most developer friendly leading up to launch. That and bankrolling some of their projects. But MS has made great strides towards closing that gap.

More graphical power doesn't necessarily equate to being more developer friendly, any more than better graphics equates to a better game.

The thing I don't get is how MS paying for an exclusive for a 3rd party is bad. But Sony paying for indie games or buying indie studios is good. It's the same principle.