Every Titanfall campaign map has its own multiplayer mode, says Respawn

Titanfall! Like men attempting to suck moisture from stones, we're in thrall to every little thing Respawn Entertainment deigns to say about it. Speaking to OXM in our new issue, out tomorrow, producer Drew McCoy has said a little bit more about the game's modes and maps.

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Lalanana1849d ago

Different multiplayer mode sounds cool. It adds variety to the game.

On a side note :
"Titan-fall, see? I suppose that would translate to "TitanAutumn" in Blighty, though, so perhaps it's not so great an idea after all."...not funny at all.

FamilyGuy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

It MEANS that if you just want to play the multiplayer without seeing all those short before and after match story scenes, or playing maps in that set story mode order, you can just play a mode designated to playing on the maps for the simple sake of fun, campaign-less.

Relientk771849d ago

Ok thats actually really cool

WeAreLegion1849d ago

I had no idea there was a campaign! That's really good to hear, actually.

Ketzicorn1849d ago

So it does have a campaign mode? I thought it was Multiplayer only. Good to hear.

_QQ_1849d ago

I thought there was no SP?

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