Possible Grand Theft Auto V Car DLC Discovered

GP: We have not yet heard any official announcement related to Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games. The developer are still holding their cards close to their chest, but it seems like our beloved GTA community has already found out first instance (details) regarding GTA V Car DLC.

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Zancruz1850d ago

I figured they would add more Vehicles, Houses and Weapons just by the clues in the game... Seeing that Rockstar is already gonna be adding new missions, game modes and other stuff to do. What I'm hoping for is more customization to characters and vehicles. Also the ability to own more than one property at a time and maybe a Crew club property or something.

Rhomiel1850d ago

From the look of these covered cars and the name in the windown I'd say it's only the Grotti Carbonizarre and the Infernus...

hazelamy1850d ago

i'm pretty sure the Infernus is already in the game.

jizzyjones1850d ago

Im more interested in the massive casino with "opening soon" on the front of it :)

Ripsta7th1850d ago

I have a feeling this wont happen cause they want to sell R* money but this would a great idea! You wouldnt go or come out of a casino alone either

Audiggity1849d ago

It will TOTALLY happen. Think about it. Rockstar can still sell you their money... you can't withdrawal it... so they wouldn't be violating any laws re: online gambling.

Oh. Man. They could even brand the Casino on mobile apps and turn this into a massive money maker.

Remember - it's not "Pay to Win"... it's "Pay to lose to a better player"

I WANT someone to sit at a poker table with a massive wad of cash. More for me to take.

Audiggity1849d ago

Dude, no way, that is awesome... I need to play more! Haven't even seen it.

RedSoakedSponge1849d ago

they already confirmed new weapons and vehicles and also over 300 clothing items in the next big update. the vehicles will be beach vehicles but i dont remember if they mentioned what the weapons will be.

pretty excited for this though! i think they called it the "Beach Bum Pack"?