GameTrailers GTA IV Launch Center goes live

It's been almost four years since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas first started running up a criminal record on the PS2. Going back to its roots to reboot the franchise for a new generation, Rockstar has been teasing out the new Liberty City in brief, but alluring, doses. GT still doesn't have all the details, but the city lights get brighter when you look at the big picture from a distance. Here's a history of the game's development told through some of the most trafficked videos on GT.

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St03892d ago

GT video review in 4 days!?!

Hope they don't show spoilers

warden9763892d ago

i just want to see some multiplayer!

not too fussed about the single player review - i'm sure it's gonna be wicked, and i don't want to get anything spoiled for me!

CHONGO3892d ago

I'm blocked from the site (as well as most) and wanna know what im missing out on....

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