EA Will Not Give Up

Electronic Arts will not take no for an answer from Take-Two and have now extended their offer to May 16th, even after being turned down by Take-Two stockholders once.

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PimpHandHappy3861d ago

to the guys at Take Two

Your game is going to rule 2008!

Let EA counter offer after that beast is making the big money!

KozmoOchez3861d ago

it's almost like EA is scared of them for some reason

I don't understand why all these people think that Take Two should take the offer just for the's about more than just the money.

It's about the games and the ability to produce these games, and of course making money off of all of that up for $2 billion is a rip off b/c EA can easily make that back with all the games they acquire from Take Two/2K/2K Sports/Rockstar....that is a lot of quality they will eat up right there.

IntelligentAj3861d ago

Yeah EA is scared. They know that release date is creeping closer and closer and when it drops they are going to have to increase their price by at least a third maybe even more.

AzaziL3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I doubt GTA sales won't slow down until then as more and more people flock to the next gen consoles finally. Then you got the downloadable content that'll create another small surge in sales and all this around the same time Midnight Club LA is released which looks to be the best arcade racing game of the year. The announcement of GTA V as an MMO would be the nail in the coffin to any offer EA can make.

spandexxking3861d ago

props to take two. must be so good for them knowing EA want them soo bad. just imagine EA begging you to sell.

omni_atlas3861d ago

uh..EA sucks? Seriously, this is getting old.

EA go to hell!

Grown Folks Talk3861d ago

they make better sports games than you & so you can make GTA 2009 (with the revolutionary targeting system that changes color when aimed at an enemy). After that would be GTA 2010 (with the new carjacking system where you can be polite & ask people to get out instead of forcing them).

KozmoOchez3861d ago


plus EA would own all good sports titles(minus MLB the show 08) and this would help them launch their console

Grown Folks Talk3861d ago

& Antonio should come play for your World Champion New York Football Giants. = }

himdeel3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

...for Take Two so they can continue to stick to their guns. EA is the high school jock who graduated over 6 years ago, is now a bald fat dropout BUT trying their hardest to date this years prom queen (Take Two).

No means no!

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The story is too old to be commented.