Blaming all your problems on videogames: A how-to guide

Today's gamers live in a world where they are constantly bombarded by information through both traditional and many, many internet sources. Quite frankly, it’s not surprising that we're all going a little bit nuts and sometimes we need something concrete to lay the blame on for that one tiny faux-pas that was a murderous rampage, or a virtual porn addiction or the fact that you don’t like to go to work because you’d rather be doing something else that’s more fun.

Here's a how-to guide from MWEB GameZone.

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HanCilliers1850d ago

The Battle of Midway was inspired by Japanese and Americans playing too much Silent Hunter 4. LMAO!

Choc_Salties1850d ago

I'd have picked one of the previous versions where no to very little *****'s were given :)

DesVader1850d ago

Thank you for the good laugh! :)