New screens show off Siren's aging enemies "While last week's trailer for Siren: New Translation sent shivers up our spines, these new screenshots give us a less frightening (but equally gripping) look at the game. Upon further inspection of these screens, Siren's grotesque zombified enemies appear to be mostly old geezers. It's kind of funny thinking about fighting off a horde of moaning and groaning geriatrics. With that in mind, the game seems slightly less creepy (or more, depending on how you look at it)."

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St03801d ago

Looks good, any news on a release date?

sonarus3801d ago

July 24th in JP if my memory serves correctly demo next week on JP ps store.

Silverwolf3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Well at least you won't have to worry about getting a chunk bitten off. They'll just maul you to death with there gums(unless they have there fake teeth on).

Skerj3801d ago

If you've played the first you know that these bastards are quite formidable, they move as fast as Las Plagas.