Pre-launch Interest In Sony PS4 Is Twice Higher Than Xbox One

With less than a month to go before the next-generation console war is unleashed, new research shows that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has taken a significant early lead over the Xbox One, with more than two times as many gamers said to be interested in the former as they are in the latter.

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SniperControl1854d ago

The PS4 has had alot of positive news coming of late, the PS4 is the console of choice it seems.

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SniperControl1854d ago


Good for you, that is your opinion.

While the launch line for the PS4 is not steller, i`am not buying the PS4 for now, i am buying the PS4 for Uncharted 4, TLoU 2, GoW 5 and GT7.

I tried to use a 360 controller on my PC, just could not get use to it, the left stick is in the wrong place, currently use a DS3 with Motionjoy for my PC gaming needs.

Sony also has dedicated servers you know, lol.

ohiostatesman1854d ago

You're in the minority here. Very small minority. Xbox controller is the defacto standard for PC gamepads. All new games already have the built in driver for every title. It's just plug and play. Xbox One has dedicated servers for EVERY GAME. Everyone of them.

ZodTheRipper1854d ago

^lol, it's okay, we get it.

I also can't get used to the 360 pad, my hand seems to be not big enough.

Juangie31854d ago

I agree I have never cared for the xbox controller

mxrider21991854d ago

@ohio if the developer choses to pay to use them.. they are not free just cheaper...

ohiostatesman1854d ago

You're wrong mxdriver. MS already confirmed that is all free for developers to use. FREE OF CHARGE.

SniperControl1854d ago

Dont forget the news that the DS4, will have driver support for PC, i am VERY excited to hear this news.

MysticStrummer1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

@Ohio - Actually, you're in the minority here. This is a PS friendly site, after all. Having MS controller drivers included with PC titles is about as impressive as having Windows on every PC. Both are more about business deals than actual superiority. I find the analog placement on XBox controllers to be bizarre. It boggles my mind that anyone thinks that's actually better or ergonomic in any way. Also, as mxrider said and I pointed out above, games that pay for it will have dedicated virtual servers.

Edit - You're right about them being free, but they are virtual servers, which doesn't mean a whole lot yet. Once the console launches we'll see how well those virtual servers perform.

Seafort1854d ago

@MysticStrummer This site was actually a Xbox stronghold when I first joined years ago but that changed quickly as the PS3 gained ground on the X360 and we saw what it was capable of.

What the Xbone is getting now with bad publicity and gamers ire is the exact same thing the PS3 got near to and after launch.

OT: I prefer the DS3 as well but I have a Xbox pad for my PC atm. If Sony does create drivers for their PS4 gamepad I will be swapping.

@ohiostatesman All multiplayer games should have dedicated server support. This shouldn't be a commendation it should be a non-issue and be expected of the console devs especially on a subscription service.

nick3091854d ago

Lol gow 5? Wait for gow IV first.

DeadManV1854d ago

My hands are absolutely massive, (i'm over 6ft tall) but i cannnot use a 360 control, i also use motionjoy and xpadder - great tools.
I will admit the trigers suck on the DS3 but, the analog sticks are symetrical like my hands.

SniperControl1854d ago


God of War I,II,III and Ascension, that's 4 right there my friend, GOW 5 will be on PS4.

(Yes, before you say, i know Ascension is a prequel)

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MizTv1854d ago

It's just a better bang for your buck

Fil1011854d ago

Yep not surprised, microsoft shot themselves in both feet when they announced the xbone and all the bs they tried to pull at the start. PS4 for me.

awesomeperson1854d ago

It's even more amazing that this study was conducted in the United States... Microsoft's strongest territory of this generation.

If interest is 2:1, like this suggests, in the United States, it would be interesting to see what it's like in the rest of the world.

sigfredod1853d ago

from gamers and developers aswell

LAYLOW1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

X1 CONTROLLER > PS1234(same every gen) CONTROLLER

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MultiConsoleGamer1854d ago

Microsoft totally botched the reveal and has been playing catch-up since E3.

Really looking forward to getting my PS4. Hoping to score a few accessories early just for the hell of it.

B-radical1854d ago

Agreed they seemed to have made ground since e3 which is good for the industry. But they wont recover before launch no way. But i do see majority of people on this site owning both consoles at some point of time

ZodTheRipper1854d ago

My second console will be a Wii U, only for Nintendo IP's... I don't understand how some buy both a Xbox and a Playstation ...that wouldn't be worth it imo. Both are more or less the same except for the exclusives and some minor differencies.

FITgamer1853d ago

I don't know yet. Definitely getting PS4, i was gonna wait year to see how X one does before i consider buying it, but now i'm thinking i should just build a PC in year. I mean i really don't feel the need for both consoles, especially considering now i'll have pay for online for both. Also kinect is huge turn off for me, after price drop it wouldn't be a big deal, but the X one on it's own isn't worth $500.

Software_Lover1854d ago

OMG it's the end of the world!!!!!!!

(2005-2006) OMG it's the end of the world!!!!

GirlOnFire1854d ago

Uh! Can't wait for PS4 ^~^

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