GTA IV: Microsoft and Rockstar tracking Gamertags before April 29

VG247's published an email sent out by Rockstar this evening that confirms that Microsoft will be helping the company track Gamertags of all people playing GTA IV between now and April 29.

PSN IDs will also be tracked.

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Winter47th3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

So the thing is, i pay full price for the game, since it's already in stores, what right do they have to hunt us down and probably ban us?

Having a legitimate game early is excusable for a ban?

therealwillie3859d ago

it just says online modes, not actually playing the game, i would take that as if your caught, you'll get kicked from the online portion of the game, i would'nt think it would be forever either
either way theres really no point to this

boodybandit3859d ago

would be to unplug your net cable or disable your wifi. If I was lucky enough to get it early that is what I would do.

Jack Meahoffer3859d ago

First so many people to beat the main story and get 100% win prizes.

Wouldn't be fair if someone gets the game before the street date and has a big head start.

djcosta3858d ago

we already have it and they are not going to do anything!!! take that and get in !!!!!

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toughNAME3859d ago

seriously...if ANYONE happens to get GTA before the 29th DO NOT go online. My god.

Dark_Vendetta3859d ago

I looks like I'll get it earlier, so as long as I don't try to play online it doesn't matter (the singleplayer should be long enough)? If so I would simply not log into my account for the next few days. But isn't MS able to see when I started to play the game (If you look at the achievements there is often a date)?
I really do not want to get banned because of few days >.<

BeaArthur3859d ago

This is actually a good thing because I know I get pissed off when I see people playing the game early and I know I can't get it. There appears to be no cheating the system this time.

Nostradamus3859d ago

1. Sign out of xbox live.

2. Play GTA4

BeaArthur3859d ago

Nostradamus...I guess if they want to choose not to be on Xbox Live or the PSN for the next week or however many days before the launch, I guess that is their decision. But how do you know that Microsoft can't access that information after you sign back on. They might have some way of tracking the date that you unlocked the achievement.

solidt123859d ago

yep, unplug your network connect or turn off the wireless card in your PS3 and your good to go. Unless they can look at your game save dates but I doubt they would take it that far and it is probably unlawful.

Nostradamus3859d ago

finding you would be really hard.

Plus, they will be too busy rolling in money to care at that point.

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Fishy Fingers3859d ago

I got no problem with it. If I knew a way to get it earlier I would, wouldn't you?

As long as they got their money, whats the problem?

Ghoul3859d ago

and what they going to do with that info ?
ban my psn ? delete my account ?

cookie anyone ?

St03859d ago

Temp ban your username obviously

shine13963859d ago

it don't matter so much for psn, but xbox live subscribers have to being banned is you know...

Ghoul3859d ago

ok ok i understood what that mail means.

MS is sending out early copys to SELECTED people and those are told to submit theyr live or psn names so sony or ms can HIDE/SHADOW theyre accounts so noone can see the archivements or that he/she/it is playing it.

none of us are affected.