10 Ways to make The Legend of Zelda Perfect

Ayo Gives 10 ways to make The Legend of Zelda a Force to be reckoned with to the "Mature Gamer"! "if I could borrow certain elements from different games and also make some suggestions to combine them with The Legend of Zelda. This Game would be almost PERFECT!

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LonDonE1879d ago

yes please all of the above, as much as i love the old classic ways, gaming has moved on allot, and with that we need these franchises to improve and move forward! i know it is hard for some fans, but most of these things mentioned above would improve the game not change it for the worse!

JeromeNtheHouse1879d ago

***In Case you can't access the page at work etc etc...***

1.Powers: In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time there was a fire power like explosion you could perform against your foes. I would personally like for Link to have more powers and maybe have a leveling up system.

2. Realistic Art: Our Hero Link is of Hylian race. I would love to see the art style similar to that like the game The Witcher 3 included.

3. Customization’s: Dragons Dogma has fantastic customization. Having your own ability to purchase new Tunics, Armor, Chain Mail and possibly even Hairstyles ( Zelda isn’t an RPG but customizing your character is not restricted to rpg games)is an achievement all on its on.

4. Improved Combat: Kingdom of Amulur Reckoning’s Fighting and combat creates a feeling of OMG! There are over a dozen finish moves and I would love to see something similar in a Zelda.

5. A bigger Hyrule: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s World was one of the main reasons why I enjoyed the game. With a bigger Hyrule comes way more places to explore and more Missions!

6.Companions: With a larger map you can get bored quickly. It would be cool for Link to have a couple Companions to share his journey other then Epona and Navi

7. A Consistent Story: The Legend of Zelda’s story has changed so many times that it gets a bit confusing to follow. I want a story that will create a Saga or would love to see a continuation of Majora’s Mask.

8. Harder Enemies: The enemies in this “Game” should be more difficult to defeat. A simple 3 swipes of my sword should have the power to easily kill a Deku Baba. It should be more than just button sequencing.

9.Interactive environment and climate change: Hyrule should see seasons! Could you imagine Hyrule under snow?

10. Voice Actors: I need the people of Hyrule to have a voice. All except Link(his simple mumbling and speech bubbles are okay) but include voice acting and I’m sure I could feel a much better connection with the characters Link is Saving.

TuxedoMoon1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I disagree with a lot of his proposals...

1) More powers? The whole point of Zelda is growing stronger and using TOOLS to defeat enemies and monster, not to become a mage. The closest thing to the powers thing was probably Majora's mask with all the different mask abilities.

Leveling up system? So I'd have to grind stalchilds and Skulltulas to be able to fight the monsters in a dungeon and add a false sense of length to the game? Skyward sword took a LONG time to beat, not because it had a stupid leveling system, but it had other mechanics and quests that lengthened the game. Though those end quests for Skyward sword were tedious, it was a lot better than level grinding in certain areas to proceed.

2) Realistic Artstyle? NOPE! Just NOPE! If it was realistic in the Sense of Twilight princess or Final Fantasy, then I'd buy it. But I REALLY don't think the world is ready for a realistic looking link. It's like asking for a Realistic looking Mario or Sonic. Not everything looks better with a realistic artstyle. The environments can have that realistic artstyle and be colorful like The Last of Us, but not the character models.

3) Zelda did have a little bit of this in their games. The games were all about equipping yourself right to beat a dungeon.
Would it be nice if this feature was a little more fleshed out? Yeah of course. They'd still have to keep it simplified of course.

4) Zelda is one of those franchises that's meant to draw people in and be simple enough for ANYONE to play. That's Nintendo's philosophy with a lot of their core franchises. Complicating the combat will turn people off (namely casuals). Should link have more animations? Sure! Should the combat be Dark souls level? Nope!

5) Hyrule has been growing and growing, so this will eventually happen. That's what we'd expect anyway. Sometimes a game with a huge over world is a bad thing. Why? Because not a lot of gamers actually care about all the side quests you can do. Actually, a game doesn't NEED a Skyrim sized over world to have a bunch of things to do. A big over world would probably just be cosmetic, depending on the story and side quests.

6) THIS I can agree with. Depending on the story, you get to pick a helper to guide you through the adventure. Most of the companions aren't actual fighting characters...they're just there to tell you about enemies and give hints. In the end it would probably just be a minor and cosmetic feature.

7) A consistent story is a mixed bag. While it's nice to play as the same link facing a new problem, that also means that this link will get old. Link, Like Mario, is one of those forever characters that shouldn't age (too much). Maybe they can have a trilogy or something, but nothing beyond that. Isn't each game suppose to be a fresh start to add new ideas and stuff?

Before the whole timeline thing, I thought of Zelda as being like Final Fantasy where Each game was its own thing. After all, the best stories are the ones that get retold right? Final Fantasy was about a group saving the world from a great evil, Zelda is usually about a elf boy saving the land from a great evil.

8) Want the game to be harder? They can just add a difficulty setting...Problem solved. The more tools you get, the more options you typically have to beat monsters. Instead of using a sword, shoot arrows or bombs at them. Better AI is probably what you want, but some monsters are meant to be stupid. You want bats to hide behind cover and coordinate group attacks on you?

TuxedoMoon1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


9) Interactive environments would be nice and they did this with Oracles of Seasons. It would be nice to see the weather actually affect the world. For example, you can't enter dungeon without flippers because the rains flooded it. This would open more exploration to a ton of the dungeons.

10)Voice Acting is a tough one for Zelda. The grunts they've been using this whole time saved them a lot of money. Voice overs probably are super expensive to impediment. After playing The Last Story and Xenoblade, it would be interesting to hear voices in Zelda (from everyone but Link) with the British/European accent. I found the voice acting and the accent in both Xenoblade and The Last Story very appealing because it was DIFFERENT. Everyone wasn't American.

Most of what he wants, I disagree with. Especially the notion of turning Zelda into a Wrpg. Want a realistic looking Zelda? Mod the crap out of Skyrim.

Luke_fon_Fabre1878d ago

I know how: Twilight Princess HD.

AWBrawler1878d ago

twilight princess is actually my least favorite. All i really remember from it is Zant flopping like a fish in anger before gannon appeared to him, the scene where the sages sealed gannon, and Midna's weird sounding dialogue.

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