Should the Wii U become a nostalgia box?

The Wii U now has a decent, if slender, library of games. But with third party support ebbing away is it time to look to the past and make the Wii U the ultimate Nintendo nostalgia box.

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Sincere01211878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I think u should change the title from Wii u to Ps4, as their games may look slightly better but they will never be able to compete with any Nintendo game when it comes to gameplay.

Nintendo have always been about the superior, timeless gameplay rather than gimicks like graphics and power. A good game is a good game regardless of graphics and power of a console. I would rather play goldeneye on the n64 than cod on a ps4. Nintendo Gameplay is unbeatable, that's why they will always be here whether u like it or not.

lilbroRx1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

The classic "nostalgia" insult used to dismiss and downlplay anything people like that has been around for longer than person who states it personally would like.

This is primaily used to write off the popularity as being because of familiarity rather than the product quality.

It is a sad, ignorant claim often made by fanboys of newer consoles and game models who resent the success of older franchises that don't follow their preferred popular trends while overshadowing their popularity.

Its primarily targets Nintendo as fanboys of other consoles(primarily Sony) absolutely refuse to acknowledge their hardware as losing to Nintendo's in game quality, originality and fun.

brewin1878d ago

The damn systems been out for less than year for frig sake. Sony did what with the ps3? They made it the nostalgia box by rereleasing a bunch of HD ified ps2 games in "collections". And they didn't even do that right. Wind waker HD is the way to do an HD version. They actually fixed things about the game rather than just slightly enhance the graphics. How soon people forget how bad the ps3 first couple years were. Nintendo is going to make this a successful console and 3re parties are gonna look stupid for not supporting more while bitching their not making enough money to cover their "next gen" exploits. Them they will use that excuse to tout mobile games as the future. Screw em.

live2play1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Its funny that they insult Nintendo fans by using donkey kong tropical freeze and 3D World as milking or rehashes...yet they are creaming their pants for killzone 8 because it has next Gen fog

brewin1878d ago

Sad but oh so true. Neither "next gen" system has shown me why they're worth the asking price. They simply offer the same damn thing with better graphics and these idiots are brainwashed into thinking better graphics equals better games. Nintendo has recognized the revolution that is second screen gaming and they are the only ones to truly embrace it. Just look at it. MS and Sony both tout second screen experiences as pivotal to gamings future and try to implement it somehow; Sony with vita and ms with smart glass. Yet Nintendo is the only one ballsy enough to actually implement a tablet screen into their controller and these lames diss the Wii u as a "not next gen" system?!?!?

To me, its the only truly next gen system simply because it embraces the next generation of gaming experiences. Once someone makes a killer app for that sick gamepad that Nintendo has created people will be eating lots of crow. This is also why Nintendo should have went with the name Revolution for the u instead of trying to keep the Wii namesake intact. But that's their decision and now they need to show how revolutionary the system actually is. I have witnessed the potential and as a long time gamer, I am most excited for Wii u' s future because I know the experience that changes everything is right around the corner with the next Zelda iteration.

RinkyDinkyDan1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

To be clear I am not suggesting that this is a bad thing. More releases like Wind Waker (made with the right amount of care) can only be a good thing in terms of building up the Wii U library and reminding people by Nintendo's games are so damn good.

live2play1878d ago

As long as that nostalgia factor is supported by new fun creative ideas.. I see no problem
and going by the recent 3d world videos , they succeeded with flying colors

RinkyDinkyDan1878d ago

Crumbs that looks doesn't it? Really can't wait. :)

I wouldn't want Nintendo's A teams to focus on re-releases, but the guys who did Ocarina etc, why not?