Is it possible? Steet Fighter IV on Wii?

According to the scan, Street Fighter IV will be coming to Wii. Most video game followers assumed that such a title would not be able to run on the Wii and any possibility of it coming over to the system was ruled out (in spite of Capcom claiming that the game could appear on any console). This bit of information does not come from a well-known magazine and errors in magazines are fairly common. Thus, I suppose we will have to wait for an official statement from Capcom or a press release in order to determine the validity of the magazine's claim.

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Expy3885d ago

It "could" but it won't look anywhere the same.

sonarus3885d ago

What are you talking about wii can run ps3 graphics...if you use your imagination

solidjun53885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

What Capcom can do (if they decide to bring it to the wii) is design the game along the Street fighter Alpha series, with regards to the graphics. That way, while it won't be the beautiful 3-D engine the 360/PS3 would be getting, it still would look good since i thought the art direction for the Alpha series (especially part 3) were gorgeous.
Or they could make it look like street fighter 3: Third Strike.

Also, i don't think the gamecube controller is the ideal controller for SF. my opinion. Don't flame me, i'm new here.

DeckUKold3885d ago

classic controller for old use

ItsDubC3885d ago

There's already an arcade stick meant for fighting games out for the Wii made by Hori.

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PS360WII3885d ago

ummm I don't see where it says that...

Valay3885d ago

Below “AC [Fate/unlimited codes]” in the bottom-right corner of the page.

BrotherNick3885d ago

Yay, Street Fighter Wii :D

heyheyhey3885d ago

I would get it for the Wii if it made good use of the motion controls

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The story is too old to be commented.