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2-Hours with Killzone: Shadow Fall - 20-Minute Video Preview

GameXplain: "We played Killzone: Shadow Fall for 2-hours and we talk all about our thoughts and impressions of it in our video discussion. We dive into the game's new mechanics, how it looks on the PlayStation 4, and tons more." (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Eternalb  +   674d ago
This game is why I'm getting a PS4
sobekflakmonkey  +   674d ago

they're a nintendo review site, all of their reviews are from nintendo games, they actually say the words in their conversation "it looks like a ps3 game" "touch pad is useless" "game is not that impressive" "doesn't look next gen"....I bet they think the WiiU has the "best graphics evar"...fuckn pathetic, don't watch it, not to mention the dude who got to play it sounds like a douche, and he also said "Goldeneye had more open levels" these people seem to have an agenda, dont watch the video, don't give em the views.
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ohiostatesman  +   674d ago
Killzone Shadowfall doesn't look that impressive to me. The graphical launch king is Ryse. That game looks incredible.
Baltar  +   674d ago
What he said about the graphics was really stupid.. could be done in ps3 ? wtf ! this is one of the most beautiful games i've ever seen.. he's not impressed ? BS!
Destrania  +   674d ago
Omg, quit talking about Ryse. The real-time graphical fidelity (among other things) is horrible in that all-around awful game. Open your eyes.
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sonarus  +   674d ago
This and battlefield to me are the only next gen looking shooters. COD and Titanfall looks very unimpressive to say the least, but at least Titanfall looks fun to play
e-p-ayeaH  +   674d ago
Informative video shadowfall seems indeed alot better than previous kz games.
Kydawg  +   674d ago
Watched it, then jizzed in my pants.
Walker  +   674d ago
Looks incredible graphically !
if anybody hasn't seen the recently released trailer yet, go watch it now

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one2thr  +   674d ago
Perspective time: there is a MAWLR climbing up a wall...

Freckin Greatness!

Thanks for the link
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   674d ago

Glad they are letting us see the Helghast side more in this game,should be interesting to delve deeper into their culture.

Anyone else recognise the black guy at the start of the video as Cedric Daniels from The Wire?
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BadlyPackedKeebab  +   674d ago
yup I thought that. googled it and indeed it was. Didnt realise he was English either (wiki). Half of the cast of the wire seem to be!
Kool_Aid_Guy   674d ago | Spam
Lukas_Japonicus  +   674d ago
Oh, was that "politically incorrect" of me?

My apologies, did anyone recognise the "African American" guy at the start of the video as Cedric Daniels from The Wire?
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Ron_Danger   674d ago | Off topic | show
pyramidshead  +   674d ago
Mother of lord.

I've never been THIS excited for a Killzone game.

That initial February reveal really did it for me when they open that ship door and you see that next gen city. Never forget.
Metfanant  +   674d ago
Sorcery...that's the only way I can explain how this is a launch title...best looking launch game PERIOD...I won't even begin to accept any other arguments....
KwietStorm  +   674d ago
Not even Octodad?
WeAreLegion  +   674d ago
Can't wait. Have you played the first one? It's hilarious!
CommonSense  +   674d ago
It is not that great looking. It looks nice, but it's not impressive. Especially when you consider that not much is really going on.

AC4 looks a lot better and has a lot more dynamic effects.

People, especially on n4g, see what they want to see.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   674d ago
Not sure if serious?
Sevir  +   674d ago
Lmao! Not a snow balls chance in hell does AC4 look this good. AC4 still looks last generation in some areas especially the character models
Metfanant  +   674d ago
oh i BEG you to show me a more impressive looking console launch title running in native 1920x1080 at 30+ fps?...

CommonSense  +   673d ago
no point in arguing with sony fanboys. you people live every day in complete denial.

n4g community is such a pathetic joke.
kiz2694  +   674d ago
I think his comment about it looking like a good PS3 game is stupidd!
Skips  +   674d ago
lol. He's literally thee ONLY person who I've heard say that out of the tons and tons of positive previews...

Now if it were being said as much as Ryse in most of it's previews not feeling or looking "next gen" ... then I would be worried.
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GribbleGrunger  +   674d ago
Yes, they usually preview/review Nintendo games. I couldn't believe he actually said that. This is the best looking game we've seen so far on the PS4. This one is better:


I hate FPS, but I'm buying this!
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Studio-YaMi  +   674d ago
They are trying too hard to downplay KS:SF for the fanboys on other consoles to make fun of it,when they know that a game with these visuals can only be achieved on a PC or a next gen console and you can never see a game with these visuals on the PS3,period.
pyramidshead  +   674d ago
if you think about it though, while not strictly true he's kinda complimenting the PS3 there. Even as close to the end of this gen the PS3 is sporting some immense visuals with its exclusives.
kiz2694  +   674d ago
True, and I guess like most sites are saying, the change between this generation and next will not be as noticeable, but this game is definitely noticeable by far!
badkolo  +   674d ago
did he say it doesnt look that good, doesnt scream next gen, oh god , i hope this isnt the case
Eternalb  +   674d ago
He said it looks very good, just that it didn't look head-and-shoulders over what we've seen of the best on PS3.
reko  +   674d ago

nice stealth trolling buddy.
badkolo  +   674d ago
thats not trolling buddy, i preordered killzone, praised it since day 1 arsewipe, but in the video he seems to say it doesnt look that great, not next gen great but improved. so thats why im asking, unlike most of you trolls i will be playing the ps4 and x1 daily. just because i prefer xbox doesnt mean much when it comes to games, i owned ps1, ps2, ps3 and now ps4 and ive been here the whole time through both sony's and Microsoft lies and blunders unlike many of you . the fact the posts below me are quaoting the stuff the guy was saying proves my point, i havent played it so i dont know yet but what he said in the video worries me honestly.
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Gamingcapacity  +   674d ago
He might of been wrong to presume you we're trolling but to get personal is wrong. You could of proved your point without doing that.

Also you accuse him of calling you a troll without knowing you but you do the same thing and call him a troll.

We don't need people like you in gaming forums.
reko  +   674d ago

he is a troll check his comments..hes just pretending lol

example:we will enjoy ryse and you guys will enjoy knack, another hyped game that was thrashed by ps magazine.
http://imgur.com/0s4e6nZ thats a game created by the same guy who helped build the ps4, am i right?? like i said reality will sink in soon enough, all this hating will backfire

you guys know your all full of crap, when a ps dev says they will try to do this or that you guys jump and praise it, when a x1 dev... #96
24d ago by badkolo | View comment | Trolling

reality will sink in slowly

http://imgur.com/0s4e6nZ #91
24d ago by badkolo | View comment | Trolling
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BadlyPackedKeebab  +   674d ago
"If I didnt know better I would think it was a ps3 game" - Said the man who was well overdue is eye exam.

I mean really.....???

If he were saying that about knack or COD or something I would say fair enough but not KZ it looks stunning graphically. And this is from a guy who historically didnt like KZ.
My jaw dropped when he said that. That guy needs some damn glasses if he thinks this game could be achieved on the PS3.
LonDonE  +   674d ago
i love GameXplain, but have to agree with u, wtf is Andre on about? clearly he is looking at this game with his nintendo fan boy glasses on! by his logic, we could all say new super mario bros u on wii u looks like a snes game!!!! LMAO i don't even know why he bothers with multi platform.

Most likely for more hits, they should just stick to nintendo only since thats what they are great at.
They are a great you tube channel and are usually not so openly biased, but man this video is so obviously being looked at as a nintendo fanboy!
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   674d ago
Ninty fanboys are not use to looking at games in hd, eye's needs to adjust.
Kool_Aid_Guy   674d ago | Spam
TheFutureIsBlue  +   674d ago
"If I didn't know this was on ps4, I could be completely convinced it was on the ps3" Is this dude serious? o.o I skipped parts of the video so I wouldn't spoil much and happen to hear that part. Just going by the trailers I can't believe that.

EDIT: http://www.ign.com/videos/2... Just watched this from IGN. It's the complete opposite of what these guys said.
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Eternalb  +   674d ago
True, but in all fairness, Colin (of IGN) is basically the biggest Sony fanboy of all time.
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TheFutureIsBlue  +   674d ago
Yeah, he can overhype some things. Especially when it comes to Playstation. I guess we will see soon.
Studio-YaMi  +   674d ago
On the other hand,GameXplain are Nintendo fanboys.
Adolph Fitler  +   674d ago
As soon as he mentioned not even on Goldeneye level for openness, his credibility imploded, & exploded...What a crack head...I mean Goldeneye was great for the time, but seriously, openness of level was never that games strong point, & it will be 3 gens old when PS4 hits, so this clown needs to go back & try playing Goldeneye again, & if he doesn't vomit from the horribly outdated visuals, he'll realize how stupid he sounded saying this. I mean, I know KZ is not an open world shooter, but KZ2 compared to Goldeneye is hugely open leveled, & that ain't saying much.... If you want to run around bored sh!tless for hours on end, then stick to PS3/360 & play Far Cry 2 & 3, but I prefer my shooters to be more concise & narrative driven, less convoluted & batshit boring, & that is what shooters like these offer, an intense, constant, action film-esque quality.....I love me some Far Cry 3, that game is a gem, but it is also a game that you can quickly lose the mood to play when running constantly through sparse gameplay sections...Seems shooters haven't got the open world balance right yet, unlike open world 3rd person crime/action games such as GTA5 & Saints Row. Shooters have a way to go to keep you constantly entertained, rather than bored at the sight of your own gun & lots of trees & wild animals. I prefer games like KZ, COD, Syndicate, Goldeneye, & other non-open world 1st person shooters.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   674d ago
seriously. ...what is up with that rain though? no excuse for that shit, looks like rain from resident evil......the first resident evil.
newsguy  +   674d ago

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