Shuhei: God of War Collection & Dead Nation for PS Vita Still “In Development”

With Sony seemingly having laid out their complete holiday 2013 slate of video games (Tearaway, Grand Turismo 6, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, etc on PS Vita/PS3) and PS4 launch titles and country details, a couple of notable Vita games missing are Dead Nation and the God of War Collection. Back at the end of September, Sony told us that it “should not be too long now,” but nearly a month later, and still nothing has been heard.

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Kydawg1761d ago

"We and I" both hope these games are released soon. I just bought a Vita and have PS Plus but I feel a lack of games. Oh well, the fact that i can play Killzone Shadowfall on it in less then a month makes up for it. Then Vita TV hopefully!

1761d ago
majiebeast1761d ago

Cool im enjoying the Destiny of Spirits beta on my Vita now.

dragonyght1761d ago

way to add salt the wound -_- i want to try the beta. too bad its EU only

Knushwood Butt1761d ago

How about releasing Dead Nation PS3 in Japan for a start...

HighResHero1761d ago

I got a Vita and I'm very happy with my purchase.

ragincajun771761d ago

I think you mean "no you're not" or "no you are not".

spok221760d ago

*No, you're not.

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