SimCity game mod educates children about environmental issues

A modified educational version of SimCity will be available for release to schools next month. Designed by Glasslab, a development studio established by the Institute of Play and the Entertainment software association in conjunction with Electronic Arts, SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! will be released to selected schools around the United States on the 7th of November.

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DesVader1877d ago

Good to see games being used to reinforce positive behavior.

GabeSA1877d ago

I hope that the impact intended can be reached, although I think its our current generation that needs to play this game and be taught these rules, as it may be too late by the time our kids are old enough to make the correct decisions.

HanCilliers1877d ago

This is one of my favorite topics - using games to educate. IMO this should be a must in all schools. Gaming taps into the one thing that is in all people - our love for play. So this places the pupil in a frame of mind where he/she actually WANTS to learn, because it is wrapped in fun. The mind and heart is open. GG

Sillicur1877d ago

Great, informative read, thank you !