Batman: Arkham Origins Gotham by Gaslight Skin Illustrated

Warner Bros have issued a singular image illustrating the Gaslight Batman Skin, which players can only access if they procure the Season Pass for Batman: Arkham Origins.

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Whatsupdog1879d ago

Just one day left...soo excited!

Ezz20131879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

i'm already playing the game

so far from my gameplay
this is the 2nd best game i have played this year after TLOU
and it's the best batman game this gen
and the boss fights in this game really above and beyond any boss fight in batman main games

Dat Deathstroke boss Fight was damn incredible

jonj1251879d ago

How are you already playing the game?

VanguardOfCalamity1879d ago

Think it may unlock on steam (for me at least) around 5-6 PM central standard time

steam said in unlocks in approx. 19 hours as of 10 PM last night

-Foxtrot1879d ago

I'd rather of seen them do a Gaslight game then Origins...