Battlefield 4 Flood Zone PC Gameplay Footage Coming on Oct 25, PS4 and Xbox One will Follow

Want to see some Battlefield 4 Flood Zone gameplay footage from PC?, all you have to do is wait till this Friday i.e October 25.

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lonz3581877d ago

Hopefully direct feed for next gen.

1877d ago

don't hold your breath. ..probably won't know untii you pick up the case and look on the back.

Skate-AK1877d ago

That still wouldn't matter. COD says 1080p on the back but it isn't even 720p. It is just upscaled to those resolutions.

Hazmat131877d ago

is that single player or multiplayer?

xKugo1877d ago

Yay!!! Finally some direct-feed footage for next-gen consoles that we can compare. Already know PC will shit on both, but eager to see if PS4 takes the cake tomorrow. Kinda excited...

Anybody know if the footage being given is going to be shot at 60fps i.e Gamersyde??

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