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Submitted by mrbojingles 842d ago | opinion piece

Countering David Jaffe's controversial Nintendo comments on selling to Disney and more

David Jaffe, better known for the Twisted Metal series, recently made some controversial comments regarding Nintendo and their software. Gimme Gimme Games poses a counter-argument against Jaffe's belief that Nintendo should try to sell themselves to Disney among other things. (3DS, David Jaffe, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

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WeAreLegion  +   842d ago
Sorta with Jaffe here.
Gemmol  +   841d ago
I agree with the article, this dude make same game with new features, but blast nintendo for doing the same....then he forgets gamecube never sold for a lost, wii never sold for a lost, ds never sold for a loss and these gave them great wealth.....3ds sold for a loss but it was nowhere close to ps3 and 360 when it came to losing money so was the Wii U, Nintendo will never take a ps3/360 type of lost, so for him to think all these negative things he just have a hate against Nintendo........he say none of Nintendo games kept him in but anyone can say the same about any games, I do not like Killzone or a few other sony exclusives and yes I own only a ps3 last gen, I played a lot of multiplatform games on it, but I am not alone, if you look at sony first party and compare it to microsoft and nintendo none of their games beside grand tursimo can keep up....nintendo had mario kart wii who sold 30 million before it got bundle with every wii how can any first party keep up with nintendo first party sales, so there is nothing he can say bad about nintendo......I got my Wii U last year and experience all the wii games I miss, if anything I should say sorry Nintendo that I bail out on the Wii last gen it was a great console.....I am talking gameplay wise, I have fun, graphic wise I prefer my ps3, but there were some great looking wii games, but still this guy is wrong and he need to get his head check....if anyone should sell it would be between sony or microsoft, but if that happen 3rd parties would be sad because they cannot compete on a Nintendo console no one on a nintendo console with let them get away with micro transaction and all these other bullshits sony and microsoft let happen
lilbroRx  +   841d ago
Thing is, Nintendo doesn't make the same game. I wouldn't buy their product if they do.

THey just use the same characters and themes in their games.

When I played Mario 64, it was nothing like Mario World. When I played Mario Sunshine it was nothing like Mario 64. When I played Mario Galaxy it was nothing like Mario Sunshine. Same with th zeldas, metroid and so on.

The reason people like Nintendo is because they keep things fresh.
Loadedklip  +   841d ago
Wait so Nintendo who has over 10 BILLION DOLLARS in cash in the bank ... should sell itself???

David Jaffe, stick to making n playing video games ... no one needs your financial advice.

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