Rumor: Nintendo ReUmagined Super Mario 64 and Other Titles for Wii U

No need to blink twice. There is a prevailing rumor out there from a generally reliable website that Nintendo is currently planning to release a ReUmagined line of games featuring 7 all time classic titles that are going to get The Wind Waker HD treatment for Wii U. The entire premise behind it is to create tide-me-over content that will fill the gaps between major game releases out of Nintendo. AKA, it's their way of providing filler content since third parties can't be relied upon at this point. Among those games is Super Mario 64, which will feature a full graphical update along with several new features.

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DarkBlood1580d ago

This rumour has made me giggle like a japanese school girl.

1579d ago
triforce791579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

See 3rd partys take note Nintendo will destroy you,the Windwaker is already hailed as the best HD remake ever created now with a rumoured 7 more wow,i will say this if they remake MARIO 64 that game will sell about 25 million consoles alone trust me most gamers say that was their favourite game of all time when asked wow get ready for the best of Nintendo and with this news you can guarantee WiiU will be the winner this generation God of War ps4 can't compete with Mario 64 re-imagined on wiiu wow BRING IT NINTENDO.....

F Zero
Mario 64
Zelda Twilight princess


BenRage31579d ago

You're totally awesome! :)

MNGamer-N1578d ago

Don't mess with the Tri-Force!

PoSTedUP1580d ago

Now We're talkin'. hopefully they add likeable new features, like to make someone have a reason to replay the game.

Goldeneye with full online support
mario kart or diddy kong racing
super smash
1080snowboarding (best snowboarding game to this day)
pilot wings
wave race online

time to get serious ninendo!

TripC501579d ago

I would like Majora's Mask, Mario 64. That's all I need...for survival.

AWBrawler1579d ago

i've never finished majora's mask because i rented it, but if i ever needed a reason to finish it, a remake would probably push me to do so.

NikonSteve1579d ago

Goldeneye belongs to Rare. It will never happen.

PoSTedUP1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

if nintendo knows whats good for them they should strike a deal where goldeneye HD is exclusive to WiiU but they make less profit off of the sales (split between microsoft/rare, activision and nintendo). because lets be honest, the only way goldeneye is getting re-released is if nintendo says so and/or it is exclusive to WiiU. there they will now make the WiiU more appealing and probably boost some sales, and right near a release of an epic must-play metroid prime game (nintendo needs to realize all their games must be epic becuse they are competing with the ps4/one this time around; no more being in their own world, its back to reality this gen). that would be their best bet imo, you gotta spend/lose money to make money, and goldeneye being exclusive would do they wonders.

its either everyone simply wants what nintenDO, or nintenWONT. as far as goldeneye goes.

Agent_00_Revan1579d ago

Why the disagrees? Nikon is right. Goldeneye HD almost happened a few years ago for 360, and fell through in the final days because a deal couldn't be reached with Nintendo. Screenshots leaked. It was sad to hear it died.

AnotherProGamer1579d ago

I may get some hate for this while Goldeneye was great back then if they reimagined it now it would be no different than other modern FPSs also Activision now owns the rights to goldeneye games

LOL_WUT1580d ago

I hope this rumor turns out to be true I wouldn't mind seeing some N64 titles getting the wind waker treatment. Make it happen Nintendo! ;)

Neonridr1580d ago

I couldn't agree with you more.

If they choose the right titles, it could definitely help bridge the gap between the new AAA 1st and 2nd party titles. Might even help increase their install base enough for some 3rd party devs to take notice. Although I won't be holding my breath on that one.

ape0071579d ago

Star Fox 64 remastered on wiiu.....DAMN

BullyMangler1580d ago

yes Nintendo please do this!

Excitebike 64, and StarWars Rogue Squadron ..

and wOw so many .

inStereo1579d ago

Rogue Squadron II would ROCK -- I played the s**t out of that game. III, not so much.

XboxFun1580d ago

Diddy Kong Racing! Diddy Kong Racing! DIDDY...KONG...RACING!

That and Quest 64! That deserves a reUmagined!

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