The Sexiest Female Characters in Video Game History - Part 1

Nizulo's Rich Bloomfield lists some of the sexiest female characters in video game history. See if your preferred dive made the list.

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Tiqila1670d ago

author seems to fancy a certain type of women...

TheOneEyedHound1670d ago ShowReplies(1)
gear1670d ago

AYA BREA 1st for me :D

Acquiescence1670d ago

Because short silver hair and gigantic funbags are kind of my Achilles' heel.

Inception1669d ago

Ivy gigantic funbags...hmmm...hmmmm :3

Ah, don't forget Taki. Female ninja with tight red latex and gigantic funbags always cools & hot by my standard :3

Nizulo1669d ago

haha! It seems that as long as there are huge milk puppies, you guys will give it your tick of approval :p I'll pass your suggestions on to Rich.

leogets1670d ago

Harley Quinn is awesome in arkham asylum. I'd roll her if I was the joker..

Nizulo1669d ago

Harley Quinn will be in Part 3 :) Thanks for the suggestion.

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