Gamespot- Preview: NBA 2K14 The Next Generation of Basketball is a Lot Like the Last One

GS:Tom is dazzled by the impressive visuals in NBA 2K14, but doesn't feel the improvements he hoped for on the PlayStation 4.

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Kingthrash3601852d ago

ill be so pissed if you still miss wide open shots or lose the ball for no reason...other than that great game.

mikeslemonade1852d ago

Told ya so..

"Technically unimpressive"

Kingthrash3601852d ago

tbh i stopped playing 2k a week after i bought it because of thos reasons. just a sin. ill wait for a patch before i turn it in

JetsFool35001852d ago

Or get caught in 3 second bump animations

medman1852d ago

Yeah, because missing wide open shot never happens in real life.

Kingthrash3601852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

real life you say? true in real life people miss wide open shots...but missing wide open perfect released shots 5 times in a row only to watch your opponent make bad shots over good def is a basketball when people miss wide open shots "in real life" its due to bad releases y'know because a perfect released shot in their favorate spot most likly will go in, because they shot it perfectly. plus the loose balls the goaltending the no boxing out the no tek fouls the sagging off when you tell them to play tight the bad rebounding the animations the are locked and the fact that if you pass while in the animation the game waits for the animation to finish and then passes the ball too late...must happen in "real life" too.
its a game so keep it that way, bad shots should mostly go off good shots should mostly go in and thats "real life" mo will hit fadaway momentum 3...but james harden misses 5 wide open jumpers (3 threes, 2 mid range) in a row all a or a+ to lose the game by 3....gtfo

ufo8mycat1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

WHat on earth do people expect?

The only difference is the much better graphics thats it.

ITS THE SAME GAME - Obviously the gameplay is going to be the same.

Thats like complaining that the BluRay version of ALIENS has the same story as the DVD version.

Kingthrash3601852d ago

i think its because they said it was going to be "2 very different games" not a upscaled pretty twin.

GoPanthers9991852d ago

Agree with some of the other comments, What do you expect? We have great games and established franchises, newer and better versions is not a bad thing. I look forward to better graphics, I have the current gen NBA 2K14 and it is an excellent game. They are obsessing over originality and new features, this franchise is great as is.

nevin11852d ago

lol @ people being fooled by the trailer. Or am I missing something?

Anyway, You have to wait to 2K15 and beyond for a complete next gen version of 2K.

iceman061852d ago

From what I have seen, it's pretty much everything that I expected. Upgraded graphics, subtle tweaks here and there. I, personally, was not expecting an entirely new game. As the author stated, it's really a foundation to build upon. It won't be perfect, as most games aren't, but it will be a great game of basketball. Live is likely to suffer the same fate, or even worse, because they too are setting a foundation. This is just what happens in generational translations.

Kingthrash3601852d ago

live isnt even next gen thats a ps3 game on ps4 looks stiff yeah it may be the last live we see

iceman061852d ago

That's pretty much my point. I don't expect LIVE to be better than 2K simply because they haven't had the exposure to gamers to critique them. All devs think they got it right...until the game releases and gamers tell them what is needed to make a good sports title. Plus, as you stated, in it's current doesn't even have the nex-gen look. It DID showcase some pretty decent ball handling. But, we have yet to see how they transition from those to actual game play moves. That has been a sticking point for basketball titles for years. 2K has somewhat solved that issue, but we don't know much about LIVE as of yet. I'm just a fan of the sport and want it to translate to a game. However, there are many LIVE fans that just want EA to crush VC. Don't think it will happen with this game though.

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