Call of Duty: Ghosts or Titanfall – Which game will take the crown for best multiplayer game?

Activision’s Call of Duty franchise has been a hit ever since Infinity Ward came out with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Perhaps the series did well beyond Activision’s expectations on the consoles where the series’ dominates the online multiplayer. Call of Duty has always been sold like hot cakes not just for its single-player campaign but for its fun and immersive multiplayer component as well.

Titanfall is a brand new IP developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, which is going to be console-exclusive to Xbox platform; Xbox One and Xbox 360, and will also see the release on the PC. Titanfall is a multiplayer-only title with single-player elements. First shown at Microsoft’s E3 2013 press-conference, Titanfall has received critical acclaim for its step forward in multiplayer gaming and has been called Microsoft’s “killer app” for the Xbox One.

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Lexanth1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I was gonna say the same thing when I saw the title of the article. :P

Approved this submission. :)

cleft51853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

The lack of a single player is going to hurt Titanfall more than a lot of people think. A lot of folks just play CoD single player on Veteran and mess around a little with the multiplayer and then never play it again. I know I have done that with every CoD game.

Titanfall doesn't appeal to me because it is multiplayer only and I am just not good enough at multiplayer fps games to be bothered with Titanfall.

jackdaddy1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Just seen the new PS4 footage, and really people......This game is the SAME DAMN GAME as every year!
Even in 1080p it still looks the same, plays the same, it's all the same!

Battlefield 4, say no more.

LonChaneyTV1853d ago

As far as bringing something new to the table, it's Titanfall. as far as most played multiplayer it will probably be COD, it's on all platforms you can think of.

Majin-vegeta1853d ago

The only thing i can think of is running on walls that they're bringing nrw to the table.

1853d ago
GrandpaSnake1853d ago

@mohlest ... oh you mean lost planet?

LoneWolf0191853d ago

LOL you mean the cloud ai who stood in bunches just waiting for me to shoot them? Yeah thats a game changer. I wasn't impressed by Titanfall and i consider myself a big mech fan. Maybe the 2 and a half hour wait killed it for me since the 10 min session wasn't long at all.

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Funantic11853d ago

Lol. Battlefield 4? Maybe Battlefield 5. Titanfall March 11!

Beastforlifenoob1853d ago

Battlefield 4 or KZ:SF
KZ:SF will definately win overall (single+multi) but battlefield 4 will most likely have the edge in multiplayer but less of an edge on SP

BallsEye1853d ago

I'm a big fan of BF4 but titanfall seems like a game I've been waiting for. A game where you can really see the difference between a skilled player and an average joe, just like in Halo. Can't wait to try it out!

MuhammadJA1853d ago

both bf4 & cod are generic. at least titanfall added crazy and fun elements.

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lastofgen1853d ago

From what I played at gamescom, definitely titanfall.
It may not sell as much, but it's got my support.

KrisButtar1853d ago

I'm going to say that Ghosts will be champ simply because they have split screen gameplay. They can play with their friends while visiting using split screen and then they can play with their friends while home online. Thats the reason everyone I know skips over BF and most other shooters not because COD is great or awesome it just has couch multiplayer options and the others don't.

If TitanFall has split screen, I can see my some of my friends being interested in it.

-Alpha1853d ago

Split-screen is really nice. Surprised that Titanfall doesn't have it.

I'm also really bummed that Killzone didn't support it, after having Killzone 3 have it implemented bare minimally.

I'll still vote for Titanfall here though.

KrisButtar1853d ago

I haven't read or seen that TitanFall doesn't have split screen, so I'm not ruling it out yet.

We play Halo and COD and you would think that if another company would want to try and copy their success they would copy and add the split screen options at the least.

We actually cancelled our pre-orders of KZ SF because their was no local multiplayer when we read it from the Blog. We are very disappointed because we wanted something new.

MEGANE1853d ago

Well we had the same game for 6 years with different maps and a few perks... i think TitanFall will be fresh and innovative... its time for something different.... to bad is not happening on PS4.... yet ;)

Ketzicorn1853d ago

I'm going PS4 but Ghosts looks like trash it will sell well because of the COD name but no doubt Titanfall will be the better multiplayer game.

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