Super Mario 3D World: items, power ups and online screens

Super Mario 3D World - here are more than 80 screens taken from latest gameplay trailer related to new items, power ups and online modes

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garos821756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I've just seen this on you tube

Man Nintendo really know how to make Mario even better than the series all ready is.

The games keep being fresh with so much great looking gameplay in just that one trailer.

LOL_WUT1756d ago

That trailer looked great. Did you see the stage @ the 5:29 mark? Pretty neat huh ;)


Who are you and what did you do with LOL WUT??

Reeze1756d ago

Wow. This is so much better than the stages used as demos. I'm getting really excited.

XXXL1756d ago

This game, wind waker and the newly announced super Mario and luigi bundle have tipped the scales for me I'm buying one

solidjun51756d ago

The video is great. This game is charming.