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Deals: GameStop’s Black Friday ad dissected in its entirety, includes some nifty deals

With the organization help of DealNews, Pixel Enemy dissects GameStop's Black Friday deals and picks out the cream of the discounted crop. (PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

TechMech2  +   274d ago
30$ for playstation plus would be nice
Nitrowolf2  +   274d ago
Honestly, I am going to hold off on BF4 now. For only $30 for the PS3 version, I am essentially paying $40 for two versions of the game then. Def getting PS+ cards though
rainslacker  +   274d ago
I'll probably pick that up, and maybe a couple discounted games. Already have 2 years worth of PS+ stocked up, but $30 is a good price.:)
OrangePowerz  +   274d ago
Good deal on PSN+, little money for a lot of content.
DEEBO  +   274d ago
Two playstation plus cards for 60 dollars boom!
My ps4 will be set.
PSnation4  +   274d ago
buy 2 get 1 free deal interests me.. maybe its tht time to get a preowned wii u, 3ds, vita
thehobbyist  +   274d ago
buy 2 get 1 free is probably gonna be for used games. As that's the deal they're running right now.
Thatlalala  +   274d ago
They are for used hardware also. Free item has to be same or less price then the cheapest purchase. Source. I work there.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   274d ago
the ps+ deal is PREMO stuff. the rest of the list i honestly couldnt care less about. the only thing i really have my eye on from gamestop is a steal on the "fat models" of current gen hardware. i would easily pick up a fat 360 for $50-60. PS3 for about $70 maybe.

unless they price current gen hardware at dirt cheap, my focus is all next-gen with the ps4
matrixman92  +   274d ago
Ps+ card and bf4(use ps3 version to upgrade to ps4 version, saving 20 dollars) for me
josephayal  +   274d ago
not bad, Im still getting the ps4 i just refuse to pay for ps plus
Pillsbury1  +   274d ago
You really don't understand how good a value it is do you?

I've had it for a year and my 500gb hdd is full of amazing games.
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TheFutureIsBlue  +   274d ago
You do know you need ps+ to play online for most games, don't ya?
The_Sneauxman  +   274d ago
I paid for three months for my first time last month, just to get a start on the first month of PS4, and within the next seconds my free downloads already surpassed my 18.00 that I would've spent normally. Hotline Miami is free now just as an example. PS+ Pays for itself off the get-go and is an amazing service. YOU SHOULD REALLY THINK ABOUT IT!
Pillsbury1  +   274d ago
Oooohhh killzone mercs for 20$... Don't mind if I dooo!!
EBTpickle  +   274d ago
It's a really good Vita game, worth every penny of that $20
TechMech2  +   274d ago
I wish I had a vita. That game looks amazing
Pillsbury1  +   274d ago
Good time to get one ;) ya know with ps4 and all..
TechMech2  +   273d ago
Yeah. It's gonna be great having a ps4. I'll pick up a vita later next year.
kwiksilver99  +   274d ago
just got my copy.

its a great game.authentic killzone for the handheld.
guerilla cambridge have done a top notch job.

hope sales increase a lot.it deserves to be top seller.
HighResHero  +   274d ago
$20 US for a physical copy of Mercenaries? Will go great with my new Vita (if it is a brand new copy)!
Probably a good time to get a Plus card as well for when I get my hands on a PS4.
Some other nice goodies on there too =]
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EBTpickle  +   274d ago
I'm loving the PS+ deal. Especially since it's mandatory for online on PS4.
supraking951  +   274d ago
2 ps+ cards and Tales of Xillia for $20
sashimi  +   274d ago
ugh need more monies
HighResHero  +   274d ago
At least we have even more motivation now to get more monies!
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SlapHappyJesus  +   274d ago
Will probably grab Black List for PC, unless I find it cheaper elsewhere.
Also, while I highly recommend Forza:Horizon and consider it my favorite racing game of this gen, I have to say that last Black Friday, at Walmart, I got the game for $15. With them asking $30, I need to assume it will be cheaper elsewhere.
rainslacker  +   274d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if they had a limited stock of most of those new games in the store on Black Friday. They do this and then try to sell the used copy to offload the merchandise during the holiday, because sales drop sharply at the end of January. Happened to me last year. Was really annoying since I hate shopping on Black Friday.

Even now it's not uncommon for them to only have a few copies of each game available new, and of course 1-2 are usually opened for "display" purposes.

Luckily I doubt they'll run out of PS+ cards.
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The_Sneauxman  +   274d ago
PS+ for 30.00! That is a deal you can't pass up son!
xDHAV0K24x  +   273d ago
watch me
PrimeGrime  +   274d ago
3DS games for $39.99! What a deal! *sarcasm*

I have to ask myself why fully priced retail items are being listed like they are on sale in this flyer. Kind of shitty if you ask me.

Leave it to Gamestop to have the worst Black Friday sales out of anyone. Every year they never cease to amaze me with how crappy their Black Friday sales are.
jagstatboy  +   274d ago
Hopefullly Amazon is scouring through Gamespot's BF ad and will meet or beat some of those same deals. Avoid the crowd and pay no sales tax.
H0RSE  +   273d ago
Some decent deals, but I don't shop at Gamestop...
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