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Assassins Creed: Liberation HD Out January For XBLA?

Assassins Creed: Liberation HD has a confirmed release date for the Playstation Store, so we're taking a guess it will be out the same time for XBLA. (Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD, PS3, Xbox 360)

cpayne93  +   676d ago
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ironfist92  +   676d ago
The more the merrier.
etownone  +   676d ago
Didn't like the game much on Vita.

Didn't like AC3 as well..
CrossingEden  +   676d ago
rpd123  +   676d ago
Honestly if this game was on consoles it would be extremely disappointing. The story and graphics are just sub par on anything but a handheld.
cpayne93  +   675d ago
Honestly the graphics and story were subpar for anything. Compare the graphics to Uncharted GA or Killzone Mercenary or plenty of others. The world was very muddy looking. But if you look at the screenshots, it looks like they are doing a lot to clean it up. It was a fun game once you looked past its problems.
rpd123  +   675d ago
Yeah I agree about the graphics. I feel like the fact that it was open world kind of made it more acceptable. But I still feel like on a console it'll be underwhelming.

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