Shuhei Yoshida: Colored DualShock 4 Controllers Coming to the US "Soon", but Not Before PS4's Launch

The PS4 is going to have, at least initially, two more colors in addition to the usual black, Magma Red and Wave Blue. Unfortunately no release date has been mentioned for the two controllers yet.

Shuhei Yoshida just mentioned that they'll come "soon", but not in time for the console's launch.


Edit: PS4 = DualShock4

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TomShoe1278d ago

I can wait. Everyone's saying black is the new black anyway.

Abriael1278d ago

I really want the blue one though.

BoriboyShoGUN1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Bastards!! yeah I was hoping to change my extra DS4 for the blue!

*Ha im not going to open it unless i really need to. That way if the blue arrives sometime this year I'll just swap it!

Elimin81278d ago

I want a canary yellow!

thedon8982z1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Blue ALL-DAY for me, I actually pre-ordered it and just found out yesterday while on my way to my local Gamestop to pay off the last 23 bucks on my second PS4, that it will not be available at launch. So I transferred the extra cash on another game instead, hell I already payed for the camera I think I will just wait until a release date is confirmed then go pick it up!! That Blue DS4 is sooooo sick it matches my gaming set up perfect as my theme is dual monitors with black/led blue colors.

Omegasyde1278d ago

I thought Orange was the new black?

SKYVVLKR1278d ago

Hopefully we'll get a neon brown one this generation.

WeAreLegion1278d ago

Like the band Neon Brown? Or the color? Because I can honestly say I've never seen neon brown.

SKYVVLKR1278d ago

Haha I was playing around.

FullmetalAlchemist1278d ago

Where's the transparent controllers? Take me back to when I was a kid again!

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The story is too old to be commented.