The Pros and Cons of Buying a Launch Console

Scott Barker of SpawnFirst writes: "With the Xbox One launching on November 22 here in the UK and the PlayStation 4 launching one week later on November 29, the big question posed to gamers is: Will you be buying the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? It’s very much a two-horse race in the next generation console war between Sony and Microsoft, and getting a head-start out of the gates is of vital importance."

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TomShoe1877d ago

Pros: FIRST!

Cons: You never know what you're gonna run into.

Nitrowolf21877d ago

Biggest Con for me, a few years later a slimmer version will come out XD.

But I can't resist that launch day

Mirage7491877d ago

True, but aside from saving space, the slimmer versions rarely add anything that your original console was missing.


as awesome as a slim version is to me, only thing is that you dont even own the launch version of the console yet. that already looks awesome as it is. whats the motivation to wait for a slim version when you dont even have the upcoming? they're both "new" at this point.

assdan1877d ago

The original PS3 is still the best version though.

Gozer1877d ago

Im a sucker for being a part of a consoles launch. The thought of new hardware hypes me up to a point that I don't want to miss it.

serratos271877d ago

Definitely don't want to miss out like I did with the PS3.


im afraid of getting my systems home and they conk out on launch day or a few days happened to me with the 360. My launch day ps3 has been going strong since day 1 tho!

Gozer1877d ago

Yeah that's always a concern, because with a launch console we are essentially beta testers. My launch 360 lasted 2.5 years. So by then MS had already enacted the 3 year warranty for the 360. So I got a new replacement for free.

Im not too worried about the X1. Ive seen the testing videos. The X1 is actually built to be on continuously for 10 years.

NeoTribe1877d ago

That's what insurance is for.... can't believe how many people buy things like this without being insured. I got 2 free ps3s using my insurance since I've owned ps3 the past 6 years

Pogmathoin1877d ago

Con: waiting 6 months for 'real' next gen games! The launch titles are nice, but not really indicitive of what next gen is capable off....

Pro: bragging to my neighbour.... :)

OrangePowerz1877d ago

Well the consoles are not cheaper in 6 months and if you get it later you will have to play "older" games you missed out on.

Baka-akaB1877d ago

I dont see it as a con when true . Hell i dont see any con when you know what you are doing .

I know wich launch and early games on ps4 or XB1 that appeals to me , and i know i've got upcoming big ps3 titles , exclusive or multiplatform in the mean time

OrangePowerz1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

@ MidnytRain

There will be good games on both sides on launch and launch window if you want to miss out on them that`s fine as well.

MidnytRain1875d ago

You seem to be synonymizing "good games" with "games you want to play." If the latter isn't true, one isn't missing out.

WeAreLegion1877d ago

I feel like the cons don't actually apply to this new generation.

$400 isn't that bad, honestly. I expected more.

And what post-launch drought? The PS4 and XBO won't have post-launch droughts. Have you seen the lineups?!?

MASTER_RAIDEN1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

pro 2 and con 1 conflict.

if anything, buying launch is sort of an advantage on price if you really think about it. when you buy launch, you KNOW the price of that console isnt going down anytime soon. i wouldnt be upset if a price of a console went down $100, if its over a year after i purchased the product. on the other hand, NOT buying at launch, and instead buying a few months later would leave me with a feeling of regret that i didnt wait up for the possible price drop. the price is no more expensive at launch than it is before the very first price drop. "premium price" (con 1) = launch price = price for months, until a price drop happens.

in relativity to hardware issues, i really dont care that im taking that risk. if theres one thing these hardware makes learned with last gen, its how to create a damn good warranty. thanks to communication over the years, the general public is aware that hardware fails ALL THE TIME. sony and microsoft cant escape that fact, and this time around theyll be much better equipped to swap out consoles for working ones with no fuss.

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