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NBA 2k14 confirmed 1080p 60fps X1/PS4

Ryan McCaffrey confirms NBA2k14 runs 1080p 60fps native on both Xbox One and PS4. No up res. (PS4, Xbox One)

Credit url: neogaf.com
PlayStation_4  +   273d ago
Good news for everyone!
THamm  +   273d ago
Yes this game is the Next Gen!!
Lalanana  +   273d ago
Great news for all no doubt. :-)

NY Knicks babe here :-p
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DanielGearSolid  +   273d ago
#knickstape !!
ohiostatesman  +   273d ago
Also was just confirmed COD Ghost runs at 1080P and 60 FPS on Xbox One as well. Xbox One gets dedicated servers for every game.
u got owned  +   272d ago
I thought XBO couldn't do 1080p...
mikeslemonade  +   272d ago
Well 2k14 isn't really a technically impressive game. X1 still isn't getting off the hook because racing games and basketball games at 1080p is expected.
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THamm  +   272d ago
2K14 isn't technically impressive??? It looks just as if not BETTER than any other next gen game on PS4, XB1 or PC. Period.
This excerpt taken from another forum post elsewhere:

mrmcgibblets • 33 minutes ago −
he's saying that it is impossible to have the "next-gen" graphics on the PC version because the PC version is just a port of the current-gen. If you look on youtube you can see videos of maxed out + modded graphics of NBA 2k14 and it's not even close to what is shown above.

The reason for this is that 2k is building this game from the ground up for next-gen, which means, for the time being, that you will only be able to experience these games on the next-gen consoles.

I'm sure 2k15 will have the upgrades for the PC version but for now you guys are stuck with current-gen "plus" I guess.

YES unlike most devs who updated everything for next consoles, 2K built from the ground up just for PS4, XB1. You can't coach that Peter O'Keefe!!
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ambientFLIER  +   272d ago
"u got owned + 1h ago

I thought XBO couldn't do 1080p..."

Um, the xbox 360 can do native 1080P, so why wouldn't the Xbox One be able to???
malokevi  +   272d ago
And COD is technically impressive?

I swear to god there is absolutely no logic behind all of this noise. I can't wait for launch, all of this will seem so stupid.

3/4 weeks and counting.
LOL_WUT  +   272d ago
The more games in 1080p the better that'll silence the haters ;)
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u got owned  +   272d ago

i was being sarcastic.
mikeslemonade  +   272d ago
Y'all are wrong. It's technically unimpressive because the game has looked same since 2k11. Even the developers in a Q+A session said something like this: "Even though the game does look the same the gameplay evolution and pro stick.."

Now.. we haven't seen gameplay footage of 2k14 next gen but you can't expect much considering it's the first year.

And yes COD is more technically impressive!! That's why the game drops frames and the developers have to highly optimize it. If you have played the 2k series like I have since the early 2000s then you will know that the user interface is primitive and the online infrastructure is primitive too.

And just common sense. You know which genres require more hardware power and optimization. Racing and Sports games are in the lower tiers. Shooting and fast-paced action games are in the higher tiers. So that is why 1080p and 60 frames for a basketball game is a standard. You shouldn't be impressed with something that you are entitled to already.
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dantesparda  +   272d ago

Dont even waste you're time with these clowns. They are obviously fanboys. And know nothing more than how to be retards. They dont get that 1080/60fps is not the impessive part, but rather in what games its being applied to. 1080/60fps in a game that isnt really pushing the hardware is not the same as having it in a technically more demanding game. Ridge Ricer 7 does 1080/60fps, so is that as technically impressive?

And p.s. nobody is saying that x1 cant do 1080/60, but rather that its not powerful enough to execute it on the titles that count. Like Ryse, KI, DR3, or possibly Titanfall and COD
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bigboirock  +   272d ago

cod looks awesome if you see it in person not from vids from the internet
SilentNegotiator  +   272d ago
Basketball games have absolutely zero excuse not to be, considering how little demand such a format has for processing power.
Gamer1982  +   272d ago
Easy for sports games to get 1080p native 60fps on PS4/Xbone. FIFA is the same.. Its games which need a lot of memory bandwidth and large draw distances that it cannot be done on like FPS games and RPGs. So we wont see GTA 6 in 1080p 60FPS for instance.
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XboxFun  +   273d ago
You mean I get to play my Warriors in 1080p and 60fps for the Xbox One!?

Come see me!
theWB27  +   273d ago
Lakeshow...all about the Lakers. Better hope they have Curry's jumper down. That beast of a release needs to replicated to the T!
XboxFun  +   273d ago
Lakers with old man Kobe and ... who else?

And didn't we just whoop on ya'll in China? C'mon now, I am not worried about no Lakers.
JetsFool3500  +   272d ago
Yeah it was wayyy to slow in 2k13
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theWB27  +   273d ago
Old man Kobe is better than 90....99 percent of the young gen. This season may be a wash but we'll rebound : )
tcozzens  +   272d ago
better than that number 6 still.

Peep that 2013 all star game, last 8 minutes where kobe just shut Lebron down. And they say Lebron can't be stopped... lol
TheOneEyedHound   273d ago | Offensive
thebudgetgamer  +   273d ago
Come on none of you have a chance not that the MVP Jalen Rose is back.

Edit: I suck.
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jb1276  +   273d ago
Maybe you mean Derrick Rose?? Regardless Miami and Bron gonna 3-peat :D
thebudgetgamer  +   273d ago
That's so embarrassing, I am quite the fool.
gamertk421  +   272d ago
Cheer up, you could have said Malik Rose.
HawtPaws  +   273d ago
Sports games always looks so sleek and sexy. Can't wait to see them on next gen consoles. I bet 3 years from now the graphics will be TOO good.
KetchupBlood  +   273d ago
They can never be TOO good.
Elit3Nick  +   272d ago
just look at star citizen, imagine when that becomes the norm O_O
JetsFool3500  +   272d ago
When you cant tell if its a game or real life then thats too good
Angels3785  +   273d ago
This is good to hear with these resolution rumors going around its nice to see something just plain neutral.
yewles1  +   273d ago
There's no reason it shouldn't be 1080p on X1, no reason 'at all'.
Bzone24  +   273d ago
It is 1080p. What are you talking about?
yewles1  +   273d ago
What I'm talking about is: "OF COURSE IT'S 1080P, IT'S A FREAKING BASKETBALL GAME!!!"
christocolus  +   272d ago
first it was xbx one cant do 1080p even when forza 5 is obviously doing it, now visual concepts confirms it for nba and now its only a basket ball game...when cod is confirmed or quantum break im sure there will still be some flimsy reasons from your camp.. you guys need to know when to keep quiet and stop being so pathetic...its kinda embarrassing now.
NYC_Gamer  +   273d ago
Its one of best looking next gen launch titles to be honest
NavydAd  +   273d ago
If true, and both versions are identical, then they held back on PS4 or downgraded it, simple as that.
kenmid  +   273d ago
It's Pretty Simple Your Clearly A Fan Boy

And tell me a ps4 exclusive that's head and shoulder better then Xbone game?
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DEEBO  +   273d ago
killzone,imfamous,deep down and the order 1886.

sorry i'm such a troll.
kenmid  +   273d ago
@deebo Killzone does look good but it's nothing mind blowing, I think deep down looks like shit, and there has been no gameplay shown on the order
joefrost00  +   272d ago
So you are all telling ryse is not the best nextgen looking game
Cant even say the.order have not seen the game in.motion only a.trailer and screen shots
Also final fantasy 15
But as far as.launch games.nba 2k and ryse
theWB27  +   273d ago
Would you happen to be vpance on GAF...cause that user posted the same exact nonsense. You people are seriously acting like the PS4 games are already a gen ahead of anything else being shown on the X1. The PS4 has more power...but it isn't as much as people act. You'd think this was a slight upgrade to the WiiU.

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BX81  +   273d ago
Gamer1982  +   272d ago
Downgraded to 1080p 60fps?? Downgraded from what might I add? 4K? Silly poster..
WeAreLegion  +   273d ago
I may try watching basketball again. I stopped in 1999, when Jordan left the Bulls for the final time.
NoMercyOnlyRage  +   273d ago
Get nba2k11 , play the career of Jordan . freaking great
joefrost00  +   272d ago
Actually 2k11 is not the best 2k
2k7 played way better but 2k 11 had jorden so it was the one that got mainstreamed
BX81  +   273d ago
NY Knicks!
tcozzens  +   272d ago
BigShotSmoov007  +   273d ago
And they said the XBO couldn't do 1080p 60fps.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   273d ago
Wouldn't take any of that seriously. Anyhow After the Ryse drama, I think MSFT will just let the 3rd party devs announce the resolutions of 3rd party games. LOL

Picking this game up.
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TheFutureIsBlue  +   273d ago
It's kind of strange. Some games are exclusive and can get 1080p 60fps, while other non exclusive games get the same results. Then some games that are exclusive can't reach 1080p. I guess a lot of factors play into it. Either that or some companies are just being lazy as f*ck. Time will tell.
Convas  +   273d ago
It all comes down to what each developer is trying to achieve with their games.

Some want high framerates. Some want Full HD. Some want and work towards both.

It all depends on engines, dev capability, and feature importance.
imt558  +   272d ago
I see no problem for sports games. Even FIFA 14 1080p/60 fps on X1. Hey, it's only a sports game. If you think that 2K14 just wipe the floor with it's nice graphics, you're wrong. It is apsurd to compare this game with Ryse, Battlefield 4, Killzone etc...
DanielGearSolid  +   273d ago
60fps sports games! I'm sold on next gen!
Half-Mafia  +   273d ago
So its 1080p/60fps on both PS4 and X1. But that doesnt mean its going to look the same. Forza 5 is also 1080p/60fps but it doesnt seem to have anti aliasing.
christocolus  +   272d ago
dude give it a rest already...all that talk just makes you guys look so silly now.
Sarxblade  +   273d ago
Oh no! This is confirmed by the developers that it will run 1080p 60 fps on both systems?!?! Someone tell CBOAT and all the idiots on neogaf and elite Sony fanboys that these devs are lying! It just can't be possible, X1 isn't suppose to run games at 1080p!

I'm happy to see this article because it further debunks that stupid rumor that only MORONS believed. On top of even more proof from June that X1 could run COD at 1080p straight from the devs mouth. But no people had to be idiots and blindy believe some stupid so called "insider" and post the rumor as fact...

I'm sorry for my rant and off topic talk. On topic this is great news (again because it debunks that rumor) good for the devs that made this game. Also great news for both ps4 and X1 owners.
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imt558  +   272d ago
On top of even more proof from June that X1 could run COD at 1080p straight from the devs mouth. But no people had to be idiots and blindy believe some stupid so called "insider" and post the rumor as fact...

Yes, from June. But guess what happened at June at E3 :

cedaridge  +   273d ago
NBA 2K14 NEXT GEN in full 1080p / 60 fps? "HELL FREAKIN YEAH" XB1: cedar4Thunder / PS4 {later in January}
#OKC THUNDER Fan 1st / #NBA Fan 2nd
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timotim  +   272d ago
Can't wait to play this game! Going to turn my scrub Sixers into a powerhouse in the career. Going to sink dozens of hours into this one.
sigfredod  +   272d ago
Good news! will play nba 2k14 on 1080p on my ps4 and also 60fps, why all the developers don't take example from them and state their resolutions already on their launch titles? good job 2k now i know the quality of your product for my ps4
gamertk421   272d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Belking  +   272d ago
I wish these guys could make another NFL game.
Dorwrath  +   272d ago
So all you so called "experts" were saying 1080p was impossible on the Xbox One. Not so expert now are we.
joefrost00  +   272d ago
It just goes to show how much people are fanboys
Look at it this way confirmed big developers say they are pretty much identical
Unknown Insiders say the ps4 is more powerful
Now you would think conventional and fundamental wisedom you would believe the likes of john carmack, kojima, and the resident evil guy over some unkown insiders and indie developers(who I find funny promoting the one system they are working on go figure)
So a sane person looks like why would they believe them
Simple cause its what they want to hear sony fanboys want to believe they have the best console cause its there console of choice
So they will believe any argument that supports that regaurdless of source of material can be confirmed or not
Just typical fanboy logic
VENOMACR1227  +   272d ago
If the game was 720, would that really keep people from buying it? Probably not.
v6volume  +   272d ago
For the simple fact that NBA 2K14 is being compared to a game in a completely different genre shows 2K is winning.
Consoles4kidz  +   272d ago
Where are the prophets with anonymous sources claiming its 720p...

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