GameStop Black Friday Ad Analysis: Great Accessories But No Next-Gen Deals

Now that the entire 2013 GameStop Black Friday ad has been leaked, gamers have their first glimpse at how the holiday's video game deals are shaping up.

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ftwrthtx1185d ago

I want a couple of those 8GB Vita memory cards.

matrixman921185d ago

buy bf4 on ps3 for 30, pay 10 to upgrade it to ps4 version..."next gen deal"

quinten4881185d ago

Why would anyone expect next gen deals?

Agent_00_Revan1185d ago


I'm sorry, but you'd have to be a moron to think that the new systems would be on sale for anything less then full price. They may not even be In Stock.

Even the games. They'll not even be 2 weeks old by then.

ftwrthtx1185d ago

Door busters for the first X number of gamers would be a great way to pack 'em in.

thehobbyist1185d ago

It's also a great way to start people camping outside the building. Which is illegal where I live so doorbuster deals usually cause violence.

ftwrthtx1185d ago

Camping out is legal here and there will be plenty of it for Black Friday.

JohnS13131185d ago

Why would there be any next gen deals? They're just coming out.