PS4 and Xbox One vs 1080p, 60 FPS: Numbers Don’t Always Tell the Whole Story

With the approach of the release dates of the PS4 and the Xbox One the specifics of many of the most anticipated games on both consoles are starting to solidify while others are being rumored. Many times they don’t cause joy and expectations, but instead they instigate rage and hostility when a title fails to hit the “magical” numbers 1080p and 60 frames per second.

But numbers don't always paint the whole picture. There's a whole lot that can't be quantified with numbers, and it's often more important.

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Chupa-Chupa1877d ago

I remember when resolution numbers didn't mean much in gaming. Those were the days.

Abriael1877d ago

Indeed they were. I have little hope that kind of enjoyment will come back, though.

darthv721877d ago

What we are going to "see" is more of an evolutionary difference rather than revolutionary. Just as David (below) has said. the Ps2 was about 480i/p (depending on the game) and the jump from that to the Ps3 was noticeable.

Not just because of the more power of the hardware but because it was a jump in clarity (resolution) and how the devs used that resolution. be it 720 or 1080 we got HD and it was nice.

so what we are getting with next gen is more of the same (meaning 720 or 1080) but with that will be all the finer details. the fidelity of the visuals will be what we will notice more. All the individual blades of grass or leaves on a tree as we zoom by at over 100mph (in games like FM5 and DC).

Now we will have a console gen where the small details will be the main focus because we already have the bigger picture (720/1080) figured out. Now it will be about putting as much detail into whatever resolution these developers find as their sweet spot for the game.

And it will vary from title to title. Lets not squabble over the numbers. Lets enjoy the finished product instead.

4Sh0w1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Yeah those were the days but theyre not coming back because of 2 reasons the internet/media and fanboys.

For example the media picks at every nuance that game magazines/real journalists never would because they made money simply because of **quality writing about games** now due to over saturation the (most) media write **headlines for hits** to make money which is what feeds the fanboys thirst for more negativity and unfortunately unless you standby and go silent while venom and misinformation is spread just contradicting flamebait with balanced level headed thinking or hard proof only helps these poor sites get more traffic. Many outright no they are wrong but again its about money not truth. Its a vicious cycle.

kickerz1877d ago

Good read. If a game looks amazing and is fun. Nothing else matters

wsoutlaw871877d ago

there are people out there that still get that type of enjoyment. This fanboy bs and worrying about how each game looks is a choice.

fardan851877d ago

Really great article. Gamers should read it.

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Mikelarry1877d ago

Ah yes the good old enjoying the game for the story and gameplay. The days where if your friend had anothrr console you were able to appreciate it for what it was a games console those times have passed us by

TransientDreamer1877d ago

155m PS2 units sold and no one gave a fuck about 480p.

koolaid2511877d ago

It was in 480i back then or maybe even lower lol.

Abriael1877d ago

@koolaid251 I'm quite sure you could achieve 480p with the Super VHS cable... unless my memories are terribly marred.

M-M1877d ago


You could only achieve 480p with component cables, S video cables just got rid of a lot of the issues with 480i providing a clearer image.

Dante811877d ago

It was VGA and component if I remember correctly.

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Dante811877d ago

Yeah, back then it was bits, colors, blast processing, polygons, audio chips, etc. Things never really change much.

wishingW3L1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

don't forget about the always godlike "mode 7" that Snes fanboys were always rubbing in the face of the MegaDrive/Genesis fanboys when the blast-processing came in.

Dante811877d ago

It's like 3d. Look how rad that looks.

TheXgamerLive1877d ago

I too agree.
Let me say this. To me its the quality of design and not 1080p 60 fps. Xbox 360 Splinter Cell Conviction sub 720p yet one of the best looking games at the time.
Ryse son of rome, 900p and yet nothing touches it on quality graphics and detail. The sony game the Order 1886 i believe. Easily sony best looking game and is sub 1080p possibly 720p.
Easily that lvl isnt as important as a solid frame rate. IMO.

fghtrer3fb5erg1877d ago

Care to link us to where it says the order is sub 1080 or 720? Or did you just say that cause the xboxone games have that resolution and you didnt want the ps4 games to be fullHD?

Deadpoolio1877d ago

Wow your really tryin to pull things out of your ass with the Order 1886....Do you even think before you type things or do all the retarded thoughts just fall out of your mouth? NOBODY would even know what the resolution of The Order is going to be since IT DOESN'T COME OUT TILL NEXT YEAR. Why would they be optimizing a game that still has at least 9 months before it comes out at a minimum......

I'm sorry that your butt hurt that your precious One80 is once again upscaling everything from 720p and 900p, but at least try to pull believable facts out of your ass.....Enjoy your 900p machine though, can't wait to hear the excuses when Ryse gets mediocre reviews and forgotten about, does it look good yeah the cutscenes do but NO it is not the most amazing looking game ever. It's Crytek so it's getting mediocre reviews guaranteed, Crytek hasn't made an amazing game since Crysis....1

Brix901877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Buzz kill!!

Everyone was talking about the good ol days scroll down an I see this trash.

Bathyj1877d ago

Gee, that was a while ago. Even back in PSone, N64 days it was 32bit v 64bit.

But the rise of the fanboy didnt really start to get obnoxious til about 6 months before the PS3 launched.

Dante811877d ago

The internet was much more widespread by then. It's a great tool for the obnoxious.

Campy da Camper1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Neither was speed when people used horse and buggy. Now, NASCAR and Indy drivers have millions on the line over a few horsepower. I remember the day too but tbh the better a game looks and feels the better for the end user.

Sure a game like demons souls is a top tier game and one of my favorites but looks like ass. If demons souls 2 was in 1080p and had zero jaggies and tons of textures I'd jump for joy.

dcj05241877d ago

You don't remember the OMFG 16 BITS YES!!! Or the 32 BITS MY GOD MY EYES. TOO REAL. Gamers always cared about numbers. Resoloution didn't matter until the 2000s because TVs were FINALLY getting a upgrade. it was Black and white》Color》480P/DVD》720p》1080 i》1080p/Blu-Ray. We only got the last 4 upgrade within the last 15 years so of course resoloution didn't matter until recently.

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black0o1877d ago

the troll in me hates to say it but I kinda agree with this

Abriael1877d ago

Even trolls can see reason :P

HyperBear1877d ago

It's kind of hard not to agree with this isn't it. And the article is right, since when has console gaming ever been about playing at maxed out resolutions, at maxed out frames per second, with all settings set to ultra? Never...

If I'm not mistaken, that is and has and always will be PC Gaming and the way PC Gamers like to discuss the specifics about games and what kind of hardware is right to max out a gaming experience. Console gaming has always been about a simple box with dedicated gaming hardware to hook up to your tv and play video games (that work uniquely with a dedicated controller, instead of a mouse&keyboard).

MysticStrummer1877d ago

The closer consoles get to being PC-like, the less there is to compare them except for the same stuff PC gamers compare, the interior tech and the visuals it can provide. Exclusives are still there to compare too though.

ape0071877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

i say 3rd party games on xbox one will be 720p or so in the first 6 months to year because

1-MS changed the xbox one a bit since E3 like crytek said

2- the Esram on xbox need a little more time to utilize than ps4's standard GDDR5 pool

im not into specs that much but that's my simple casual take

thehitman1877d ago

I dont see how anything will change really. The fact is the Esram is not good enough to output 1080p HD textures at a capacity 8gb of GDDR5 can. No matter what numbers they try to skew to make it seem like it can keep up it cant. Also according to MS architects the Esram is similiar to what they had before in the xbox 360 just an improved version but works the same, so the coding should be similar. Now assuming it works the same from what they claim why would it take long for developers to utilize it to get to a native 1080p resolution? I can understand if the game will have lower FPS at the cost but the fact is the system cant handle those textures to begin with. How MS did not foresee this just a shows how they are horrible in the hardware business. There's a reason all GPUs come with GDDR5 because DDR3 is not good enough bandwidth wise to output higher res textures.

Now with that said I think 1080p @ 60fps is completely over exaggerated as being a necessity. Insecure PC gamers have run ramp-it everywhere trying to claim it is the gold standard when it really isnt. Majority of games look and run just perfectly fine @ 30fps and anything higher is just a +.

ape0071877d ago

um Forza 5 looks amazing and at 1080p 60FPS

i agree with you on 1080p 60fps being overrated, both consoles simply cannot run high demanding nextgen games (next 4 years) at 1080p/60FPS, impossible, a tradeoff must happen

1080p with rock solid 30 FPS or a tradeoff(lower gfx, resolution) with 60FPS

smoothop1877d ago

Well its not really 8gb is it, its more like 4.5gb for games. You may eat your words with the ESRAM, remember Direct X 11.2 and tiled resources is not being used yet and the Xbox One is specifically designed around this sort of tech. Remember Xbox has a beast of a CPU and dedicated processors for Kinect and audio. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but there is still a lot to hear about both consoles, raw numbers don't mean everything if customization is there.

My personal feeling is that both consoles will really shine with their exclusives, developers will take advantage of the unique architecture that both Xbox and PS4 have to offer.

thehitman1877d ago

@ smooth MS already confirmed DX 11.2 is only for windows 8 and not for xb1. Also DX is irrelevant when there are other better API for the consoles being used. CPU power and Kinect is also irrelevant when it comes to gaming I have an i7 930 processor but no game fully utilizes it and not even close like 1/8 of my processor is under load during even the most intensive games. Its all about GPU power and in terms of that the xbox is lacking on all fronts of it.

Also Forza is a racing game @ ape. You dont need ultra res textures to make a car look realistic, racing games shouldnt be used as a benchmark test. Also there are a lot less things dynamically going on that allows for higher frames as well, which is needed in racing games.
Just because a game is advertised at 1080p and 60fps doesnt mean that it has high quality textures/effects, which is why I would be VERY weary of any game that says its 1080p @ 60 fps for consoles as they cut back most likely on high-ultra quality settings on BOTH consoles.

rainslacker1877d ago

Using ESRAM goes against the very principle of tiled resources. If a dev decides to use tiled resources they will not be implementing frame buffers in the ESRAM.

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Foxgod1877d ago

I prefer 1080p over 720p, 30 fps is fine.
Higher resolution means itl still look fine on a very big screen such as a projector.

Hopefully devs will try and push the resolution over the need to have 60fps.

ape0071877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"I prefer 1080p over 720p, 30 fps is fine"

agreed 100%, consoles simply cannot handle heavy duty nextgen games at 1080p 60FPS unless they cost 800$

Bathyj1877d ago

I agree, but it depends on the game.

A game like Killzone:SF is fine at 30fps for me, as long as its a constant 30fps and doesnt dip too much. I plan to do a lot of sneaking around anyway, its not all twitch action for me. The increased resolution for picking out targets at a distance is more important than frames per second providing its still smooth. Here I would go 1080p @ 30fps.

But a fighting game like Killer Instinct the resolution doesnt matter as much as 60fps. If a trade off is needed I would go 720p @ 60fps for fighting.

Campy da Camper1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Agreed. The key word though is "locked". 30 fps locked is fine. That means during intense action I can expect 30 fps, not 20-25.

Jazz41081877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

If xboxs one's upscaler is as good as I have been hearing than in most cases the diffrence will not be visable and the game will run smmoth as butter. Its better than trying to hit 1080p at 60 fps and your game plays like shite because of it. I believe both machines will get to 1080p with no problems as the devs get the final codes and drivers but the launch games are not going to have enough time to get there and thats why drive club is pushed back. Once the systems are up and running and the final builds and code and drivers for dx 11.1 are there the second round of games will not have to use this upscaler nearly as much. Its pretty much common knowledge. I just cant wait to be playing on my new systems in a month and watch them grow up into the machines both companies envisioned them. It will be a great time for our industry and a strengthing back to console games instead of phones and portables.

christocolus1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"1080p and 60 FPS look very good on paper, but we
don’t play papers. We play often extremely
complex entities called games, that are made by a
lot more than simple numbers. Maybe it’s time to
look at the whole picture instead, and be excited
again. I guaranteed that it’ll make the
beginning of the next generation more enjoyable
for us all."

totally agree with this guy...great article..

ape0071877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

100% agree with what he said,never seen more people so crazy about specs than these days

gameplay,game design, atmosphere, soundtrack and story is what make me play

people, it's the smallest leap in history and all u talk about is specs......LoL

DEEBO1877d ago

Yeah but i am a t.v nut and my 1st t.v was 1080i then 720p.
now i have four t.v's that are all 1080p/120hrz,2400 hrz 3d plasma thinking my console's would be able output those graphics.
with all these post on n4g are saying all i really need is a 720p t.v because 1080p isn't better?

and no upscaling does not cut it.
I think i better hold off on a 4k t.v, and there is a difference between 720p and 1080p.if some people can't see it, i would tell you to go see an eye doctor.

ma1asiah1877d ago

Am I seeing things or did I just read an article that is:

Not a fanboy opinion piece
Not a flambait article for hits and clicks and
Very well written.

Two thumbs up to the author.

Well done Abriael aka Giuseppe Nelva nice job

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