Amazon now selling 3DS XL systems directly

Amazon and Nintendo have long maintained a certain “spat”, so to speak. For some unknown reasons, the company’s hardware was never stocked and sold directly. If you were interested in purchasing any of Nintendo’s systems from Amazon, you would need to do so through a third-party seller.

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MultiConsoleGamer1879d ago

They caved. Plain and simple.

They wanted a bigger cut of the pie and they didn't get it.

Amazon acts like a 900lb gorilla. They're under the mistakes impression that they are the only online retailer on the planet.

rambi801879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

the problems began when nintendo gave other retailers preferential treatment when the 3ds was struggling.

They dont like amazon cause amazon does not like to support nintendo in their pricing poilicies which i consider to be anti-consumer

Jahbu1879d ago

Must be that Pokemon!

brewin1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I love Amazon and use them a lot, but I dont see how they expect to get the same price breaks as a physical retailer. They have a lot less overhead (no physical stores) to worry about and, overall, have a lot less visibility to the average consumer than a retail chain. Retail chains need those price breaks to make any sort of profit and they get that by allowing Nintendo plenty of shelf space for their products. Amazon does not do that and companies rarely give e-tailers the same price breaks as retailers. Amazon does act a bit entitled at times and their new $35 shipping threshold proves it.

rambi801879d ago

You made sense until that last sentence.

Wanting equal treatment does not make you entitled. If anything, the brick and mortar stores are acting entitled.

brewin1879d ago

If Amazon was forced to pay taxes in every state they sold in and was forced to be equal with retailers then you would have an argument. If e-tailers got the same price breaks as retailers it would be the retailers who would be getting the unequal treatment. If you disagree then you have no idea how economics work. Its the hidden cost of operating online only... retailers typically get better prices on items because there is more associated costs with selling goods in store. Its just the way the world works.

JustInTlME1879d ago

This may seem like a break through but I follow a lot of gaming deals and prices (especially amazon) and this isn't the first time that they have stocked the 3DS from amazon. I have caught a few on there a handful of times.