NBA 2K14: Next-Gen Details on Gameplay, AI, New Modes and more

OS:2K Sports today revealed a whole boatload of information about NBA 2K14 on next-gen consoles, which includes a four-tier approach with NBA Today, MyCAREER. MyTEAM and MyGM all receiving a huge imagining for next-generation consoles.

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Crossbones1585d ago

New Engine!!! Hell Yes!!!

NBT911585d ago

Yeah! The only reason I still don't have 14 is I'm waiting on next gen version but I'm struggling to stay patient =D

ohiostatesman1585d ago

Can't wait for the Xbox One version. Dedicated servers. This means ultra fast connection and no lag. A must for next gen titles that has multiplayer online components.

Crossbones1585d ago

You do realize the PS4 is the lead platform, so if the Xbone version has dedicated servers than the PS4 version has it as well.

joefrost001585d ago

You do know it doesn't work that way
The dedicated servers are offered by MS that is why it was a big deal for MS to say dedicated servers for every game
The game yes will essentially be the same but on the xbox one version they will be using MS dedicated servers and on the ps4 they will be using there own 2k servers

DeadlyFire1575d ago

You do know a dedicated server = a dedicated server right? Makes no difference who offers it. If its there then its a plus.

JetsFool35001585d ago

Good luck with that 2k has a history of having shitty servers

nevin11584d ago

"When you're not balling in MyCAREER, you can hang out with hundreds of MyPlayers in the Park.Open field of courts shown with hundreds of MyPlayers playing."

lol, I like to hear more on that.

bonafide7321584d ago

I was gonna wait for next gen but seems i may need to try to find a system now....