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Bold Prediction: The Wii U Will Outsell The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One This Holiday

Gamnesia: "Before I begin I should note a few things about myself. No, I am not Michael Pachter. What I mean to say is, I am not an expert in the field of studying the stock market and predicting future trends. Chances are Mr. Pachter’s figures for console sales this holiday will likely be more accurate than mine, which is why I am not going to dabble too much in exact numbers. There are people way smarter than I am who will do that for me as time moves on.

I am also really not an expert in anything else. I’m a video game enthusiast. I enjoy playing video games regardless of platform and I’ve been writing about video games for over a decade. My opinions are my own and they don’t represent anyone else at the site. Some like what I have to say and sure, occasionally I have been spot on when predicting things, but overall it’s a wash. You win some you lose some.

Saying the Wii U is going to outsell the two upcoming generation 8 consoles seems like a crazy thought. The Wii U sold massively at launch and was one of Nintendo’s highest selling console launches ever—but sales have really tailed off. Worldwide, there were 3.5 million units sold during the holidays last year and last I counted, the Wii U hasn’t passed 4 million in the 10 months since. Still, things are lining up for another stellar holiday season—to the point where I firmly believe it can outsell both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One." (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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_QQ_  +   765d ago
Very bold prediction, The only way i see that happening is if Nintendo Advertises Wiifit U on news stations ect as the newest must have exercise product and the casuals eat it up.
darthv72  +   765d ago
nintendo would be worried people might try and stand on the gamepad. unless...of course, they really let people know that all their existing wii accessories (like the wiifit balance board) works with the wii-u.

In fact, they should have been upselling a feature which is sorely lacking on the up coming ps4/xb1. direct play BC for all previous wii titles.

But back to the main topic...outselling the likes of ps4/xb1...yeah that is a bold prediction.
us_army  +   765d ago
A nice article, and well said opinions, but I'm sorry to respectfully tell you that this is not happening. It may win in a particular region, however looking at worldwide sales, this won't even be remotely close unfortunately for Nintendo. I wish I could elaborate, but these console launches are about to be massive... Yes I said both, as both wouldve beaten the previous record. As for who will sell more head to head this holiday, I think most peoples current assumptions will hold truth.
mikeslemonade  +   765d ago
Nintendo has really lost all of its mindshare. Everyone knew what the Wii1 was and the casual gamers thought motion technology was so amazing.

Right now.. the same people hardly know that there is a WiiU. The Xbox 360 and PS3 will sell more than the WiiU this holidays.
badz149  +   765d ago
the writer said "No, I am not Michael Pachter."

he meant his prediction is gonna be right?

or he just wanted to imply that he's not Super Captain Obvious?
UltimateMaster  +   765d ago
I predict the PS4 will outsell the Wii U's 1 year lead starting this holiday by next spring.
rainslacker  +   765d ago
Yeah, Sony said they already have over 1 million pre-orders. That's up to 1.5 now by some reports. One MS rep hinted that X1 has at least 1 million pre-oders, but gave no concrete numbers.

So at a minimum, Both systems will sell AT LEAST 1 million units before Thanksgiving even rolls around.

This doesn't take into account that Sony is reporting to have units available throughout the holiday in store, but doesn't really comment on how likely it will be available...whether a trickle or constant stream.

Now I really like the Wii U, but given it's current status, it's hard to imagine that it's going to come anywhere close to those numbers. Nintendo hasn't even been pushing it in the marketing department lately.

Edit: Sorry, meant to reply to OP to reference Shnazzyone's comment below.:(
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BattleAxe  +   764d ago
Nintendo stupidity coming from Nintendo fans has gotten way way out of control. It's almost like saying that the color red is actually the color blue, this is how ridiculous things have gotten with these people.
dboyc310  +   765d ago
Nintendo sold that much at launch because of the core fan base. The fans are the ones that go nuts at launch. The fact that the console hasn't sold much ever since just goes to show they won't do all the great this holiday when the fanbase from sony/Microsoft will go all out
mcstorm  +   765d ago
I think it will be interesting to see how well the Xbox one and pa4 sell for the 1st few months as I only know a few people who have one pre ordered as they are getting there 3rd party fix still on there current console. The 2 people I know who have pre ordered the one are getting it for Forza and the one I know who is getting a ps4 has it on pre order for kz.

I don't know anyone who is looking at picking up a wiiu but that said with the price drop games like pikmin, Lego city, Mario 3d, sonic lost worlds, wiiu fit etc all out the last few months of the year the wiiu has a impressive line up for a great price they just need to do what they did with the 3ds and market the hell out of it over the next few months.

Can it out sell the one and ps4 I don't see why it can't but there is a lot of work to be done if they have any chance of doing this.
Shnazzyone  +   765d ago
I could forsee wii U still holding the lead in total next gen consoles sold for a while potentially well past the holiday season. Being the winner of the christmas sales however, I don't forsee. Only convievable way is if somehow the sales between xbone and ps4 is very divided and nintendo does a smidge better with a mario game to prop it up.

However i'm unsure it could keep the total market systems number all through the system cycle. My guess is wii u will be number 2. Maybe lose the lead at the end of the console cycle.
GordonKnight  +   764d ago
Casual gamers are about 75% of the market. This is the reason Nintendo will sale more consoles this holiday. The biggest factor is the number of games Nintendo will have this holiday season.

Don't get me wrong the PS4 & XBONE will sale great at lauch, but after that they will look like the Wii U due to small selection of games. This is when the Wii U is going to sale great. I'm just glad I have a Wii U already. I'll enjoying great Nintendo games after I've played the PS4 & XBONE launch titles. Good luck hating a great system with great games so called Hardcoregamers.
_QQ_  +   764d ago
I'm not hating it, i own a Wiiu and love it, but i'm just being real, It will do well this holiday but not as well as ps4/xboxone.
black0o  +   765d ago
king_george  +   765d ago
im a fan of nintendo but yeah.... ur comment pretty much summed up my thoughts.
black0o  +   765d ago
dude no one hates nintendo ♥ .. i own Wii and i'll get Wii U if got extra money
Studio-YaMi  +   765d ago
New 3D Mario is going to be awesome to play,I really love 3D Mario games.

You should get a WiiU later if you haven't already,wait for the WiiU exclusive library to wide up though,3D Mario is a must buy(for me at least!).
king_george  +   765d ago
wait what? I didnt say you hated nintendo. I was agreeing with u black0o
iamnsuperman  +   765d ago
A prediction should come with a reasonable evidence and the only one here is the lower price argument. I feel Nintendo is expecting a low unit sale this Christmas (evident by no major software release this Christmas and all the big ones seemed to be pushed into a 2014 release)

Look I think it is naive to think Nintendo's Wii U will have a good Christmas considering two major systems are launching. It doesn't matter what Nintendo does because those two system will get the attention no matter what (which is a why it is a good thing for Nintendo not to try and push this Christmas. I think they should have been doing the push these last few months, even from January, but it's too late for that now). They need to concentrate on 2014
rainslacker  +   764d ago
From everything I've seen Nintendo seems to care more about the 3DS than the Wii U. They have been pushing it hard. This year we saw a remodel, as well as a 2DS line which is significantly cheaper. Big games like Fire Emblem and Pokemon, and a Zelda coming out soon....all in time for the holidays. The number of exclusive Nintendo titles on the 3DS is quite impressive actually.
R00bot  +   764d ago
Nintendo always cares more about the handhelds than the consoles. That's just how it is I guess, and they are king at handheld gaming.
OrangePowerz  +   765d ago
PS4 and Xbone will sell out this holiday season I can`t see how Nintendo would be able to compete with that for the Wii U especially without any huge top tier game.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   765d ago
Super Mario 3D World
OrangePowerz  +   765d ago
i`m sure it will be a fun game, but launchin in the US on the same day as the Xbone and a week after the PS4 and in Europe on the same day as the PS4 means it will go under in the media. I will pick it up, but it`s not a system seller. I talk about something like a full new Zelda game or a full new 3D Mario game.
Studio-YaMi  +   765d ago
It will surely move hardware and software sales for the WiiU,don't think it will outsell the PS4 or XboxOne though since it's their LAUNCH and already sold out.

Not to mention that the XboxOne has a great launch line-up with the PS4 right behind it with a good launch as well(lacking exclusives atm but still has major third party games coming for it & the exclusives are just around the corner for the first Q of 2014).

So,a short answer would be .. no!
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TechMech2  +   765d ago
I don't think that's on many people's biggest game of 2013 list. 3d land was terrible in my opinion
scissor_runner  +   765d ago
Add wii sports club and wii fit u with a sprinkle of wii u party. I know ill be trying out club and ill finally be getting wii fit with the u version. Gots to get fit for the new health care policy lol.

Also 3d mario spurred the 3ds come back and I doubted that until I played it. Im so looking to play thur that game with the other 3d mario players in my house. Plus we maybe getting a wiiu for the suv so im looking at the bundles.

killzone has never been a system seller... the racing games do ok but I dont see a project cars killer yet... if those screens are to be believed then the wiiu wins just off style and being way way cheaper.... with rentable games starting to appear.

then we all wait for the next gta 5 event on current gen which does not effect nintendo s line up but sonys very much. Another thing is the power is going to fad and the paying for online is going to be a monkey on your shoulder no matter how cheap it is if you are not getting what you want to play.

plus mk8, x, smash are on the horizon.... black friday is the ultimate day to preparefor those games on the cheap. Then we all can wait to see if the ps4 is all it is cracked up to be.

you have to understand gamers only buy if their type of game is being supported...I only got a ps3 for god... bayo2 puts that ffuture purchase at jeopardy.... im in cali today and I would like santa monica to show something.
The 10th Rider  +   765d ago
Why does everyone downplay Super Mario 3D World? I admit that I was disappointed when they announced it, but the more they show the better it looks. Not to mention the last two home console 3D Mario games are two of the highest rated games out there. I'm still skeptical and not expecting it to be Super Mario Galaxy (or even Super Mario Sunshine) awesome, but at the same time I realize it can't be counted out.
slivery  +   764d ago
How many games are you going to list before you realize these games are not moving that many systems?

You said that about Pikmin 3, you said that about Wind Waker, you said that about Wonderful 101 and didn't you even say that about Sonic, now you expect this new 3D Mario game to? Definitely is not the 3D Mario anyone really wanted is going to sell Wii U's?

I don't think it will be like NSMBU and the problem is even though that game got the second best sales out of all Wii U games, second to Nintendo Land.. It still did not move that many systems, so why would this new Mario?

I don't expect this new bundle to sell at all either really, it might sell a bit more for the holidays sure but it won't be great by any means, as everyone will want this new Mario instead. Kind of weird to me they would release a bundle after these games have been out for some good time now.

Usually when you want a bundle to sell, you package it with new games, not old ones.

Why didn't they just make a bundle for Super Mario 3D world instead? That would have made a lot more sense to me it would help sell more Wii U's this holiday. That is a really dumb decision on Nintendo's part to package a new bundle with old Mario games, really dumb actually. I don't understand where they come up with these bad ideas especially when the Wii U's sales are hurting so badly.

Also anyone who thinks the Wii U is going to outsell the PS4 and Xbox One even me being a supporter of the Wii U I will say that is beyond wishful thinking.

Have you people not be paying attention to anything lately? All the people asked constantly about what systems they will be getting and notice how barely anyone or no one at all even mentions the Wii U. Whether you choose to accept that, it is not a good sign and based on that I highly doubt the Wii U will even do that great this holiday. Not saying it won't sell some more units as probably every handheld and console will get a boost this holiday but I still cannot ignore the obvious lack of interest that many people have with the Wii U. Tons of people still don't even know what it is, that is just crazy.

I don't see how anyone with all that has been happening with the Wii U sees it recovering that fast.

I think games like Mario Kart, Smash Bro's and X will be a real testament to how well this thing is going to do, if games like that cannot move more systems then damn I don't know what will really. Guess we could wait until there is some news about this new Zelda game whenever that is supposed to release.

As said I don't think the Wii U will be beating the PS4 or Xbox One for that matter for a good while.

Even on tons of websites, they are giving away PS4's and Xbox One's in contests but again is the Wii U even apart of all this madness, nope.

Even major retailers are just advertising the PS4 and Xbox One again leaving the Wii U to sit on the back burner.
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DejectedJeff  +   764d ago
No one said Pikmin 3 would sell systems, it sold way more hardware than anyone expected. Its a niche title and a sequel to a meh selling gamecube game. Also no one said the wonderful 101 would sell systems, no one smart anyway. Its a niche title made by a developer notorious for poor selling games (platinum). Sonic is an exception, because we thought that would actually be a decent game when reviews are looking bad. Either way its not even out in the US so no way to gauge how much of a system seller it is. You ignore the sales acheived with the release of the windwaker bundle.
Mario kart, 3D mario, donkey kong, X (in japan), and smash bros are system sellers, that combined with the already released software will push sales.
Donnyskillz  +   764d ago
your right pissy4 and xbox one will sell out this holiday season
Godoftheweek  +   765d ago
The author must live on Bull#hit mountain.
TripC50  +   765d ago
It's actually pretty nice there this time of year.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   765d ago
Right beside Horse#hit hotel.
ruefrak  +   765d ago
That's awesome. That's the best laugh I've had in awhile. An honest prediction would be that the PS4 will outsell every Wii U ever made by New Year's Day. That one is at least plausible.
This is one of those predictions that is only made in that the off chance it actually does happen, the person is viewed as some sort of genius.
Concertoine  +   765d ago
Both are stupid predictions.
sony cant sell 4 million consoles by new years, they'd have trouble producing that many.
that would be more than the ps2 and ps3 combined. and the ps2 came out when the only competition was the dying dreamcast. even though the wii u and xbox one aren't nearly as hyped, they are both still considerable competitors with the xbox one still having a decent percentage of preorders in the US and europe.
Eyeco  +   765d ago
Tbh it's not too far off, most likely I could be wrong, the question I'm asking is, will early adoption of the PS4 and XB1 be as rapid and vast as the hype is making it out to be ?

Look at how much support the 360 PS3 are still getting with no signs of slowing down, are gamers really going to be inclined to purchase a new system to play games most of them can already play on their current systems(COD) I mean GTAV released only weeks ago, I can see early launch sales being very slow and the pace will pick up 6 months down the line, just my thoughts.
Agent1  +   765d ago
If that's the case then all this talk about hardware specs, and visuals, are meaningless.
BosSSyndrome  +   765d ago
It never had any meaning in the first place. They stronger hardware literally never wins.
Agent1  +   765d ago
I agree! That's exactly my point!
FlyingFoxy  +   765d ago
That's not entirely true, it's more down to cost. If a system released cheaper than others and had a lot of awesome games while being more powerful, it would sell well, of course that is not likely to happen because better hardware costs more..

That's why the Wii sold the most, it was cheapest as well as having some good games, but tons of shovelware.
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DejectedJeff  +   764d ago
The gamecube had good games and was a fraction of the price of its competitirs and it still sold the worst. It was miles ahead of the ps2 but still short of the xbox.
ricochetmg  +   765d ago
Wii U is a great system with no games to play on it YET.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   765d ago
there is games just no huge seller til holiday and 2014 beyond
boing1  +   765d ago
Now or never.
WeAreLegion  +   765d ago
Too bold, in fact. I can't wait to pick up Super Mario 3D World, but that's about it before 2014, unfortunately. :/
TripC50  +   765d ago
Same here, for retail anyway. I'm paying 10 bucks for my Online Wii Tennis (Wii U Sports Club). I think that's dropping in November.
josephayal  +   765d ago
They don't realize that third party games like COD and GTA are system sellers? the PS4 and/or Xbone are goin to smash in sales
BosSSyndrome  +   765d ago
Neither of those are exclusive to Xbone or PS4 and COD is on Wii U.
yellowgerbil  +   765d ago
who would want the WiiU version of Ghost over PS4 or X1 or even current gen systems. It is obvious that 3rd parties have abandoned Nintendo to fend for themselves. They will pick up some sales this holiday but no where near the 2-3 mil that ps4 and x1 will sell.
We may see 600-800k WiiUs sold in Nov and Dec, and that is being generous. It is just as likely that it will only sell 100-200K seeing as entire store chains have stopped supporting it.
amnalehu  +   765d ago
I have an even bolder prediction; the Atari 2600 will be re-released this holiday season and will outsell the PS4, XBone, and WII U.
darthv72  +   765d ago
No...the Vectrex. It does better 3d than the 2600
amnalehu  +   765d ago
Vectrex! now thats name I haven't heard in a long time... a long time...
MrCastle  +   765d ago
Pure insanity. But a nice break from the rabid fanboy discussions about new consoles.
danny818  +   765d ago
I really don't see this happening. maybe same time in 2014 but in this year there is no possible way in hell
Axonometri  +   765d ago
Just got my Wii U today. Ordered yesterday following latest Mario trailers.
Concertoine  +   765d ago
there's a new one out, 6 minutes long. you should check it out
ThaBlackBaron  +   765d ago
This aint Bold...this is the way its going to go down PERIOD! I ppl love how the internet are acting like PS4 has system sellers and ANY great exclusives at launch LOL

X1 really has like ONE pus its High price point...Theres NO way these two will out sell Wii U
Studio-YaMi  +   765d ago
You missed the point,those two system AREN'T JUST about the exclusives,they have MAJOR third party support & that's key to winning next gen.

Third party games are becoming more & more appealing,not to mention that the Wii spark(which made it the best selling console last gen) has died,no one looks at the WiiU and thinks :

"Wow,I like the new touch screen controller" because believe it or not,it makes it hard for you to focus from one screen to the other & that doesn't work well with a console that needs to be hooked to a TV(games that support switching gameplay from the TV to the controller are great though!).

Unlike the 3DS or DS which is fine with that because the screen is just RIGHT ABOVE the touch screen(and are small so your eyes won't get distracted as much)!

All in all,the WiiU is now relying on the software to move the console,not the other way around like last gen & yet they are lacking in providing the software needed.

With the new 3D Mario game,the WiiU sales will be refreshed,and I bet through the year of 2014,the WiiU will see a decent sales rise.
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kwandar  +   764d ago
The problem is that the major third party support is going to die off for either Xbox or PS4 - they are the same machine, with same games.

Wii will survive as they have the cash and IP to survive. Wii Fit U will drive sales this December amongst the casual gamers. As sales pick up 3rd party support will too.

Crillvirus81  +   765d ago
That's what in saying I play Xbox regularly and mostly all my friends are waiting till march when Titan falls comes out to upgrade ...and more Sony heads might update cause they ain't never have the features like Xbox had this gen like party chat etc ..but they can't name a game that will sell consoles or units like Mario this holiday what is ryse lol knack lol dead rising lol nope sorry ain't happening
iamnsuperman  +   765d ago
The Wii U is struggling selling against current gen system. Combine that with the trend that new systems from these guys almost always sell out the Wii U can't possibly sell more. Despite selling poorly now the Wii U managed to sell over 3 million units in the first three months. The Xbox One and PS4 will do similar numbers (because it is new and the fans will pick it up). The Wii U has passed that stage (the fans will buy anything stage) while the PS4 and Xbox One are about to go into it
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hobohunterz  +   765d ago
Wow this just proves Nintendo fanboys are the most delirious of all.
LOL_WUT   765d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
Crillvirus81  +   765d ago
This guy is right they got Mario and Zelda and a console that cost less and free online and a decent library now its way better then the other 2 launch...and Nintendo always sells the best in the holiday season the kiddies just love Mario ..Xbox and Sony fans are just in denial lol it could happen
AWBrawler  +   765d ago
lol and when it happens, i wonder what the haters will say, because it's going to happen. They have the right games to rack up this holiday, they just need to advertise them on TV
LOL_WUT  +   765d ago
You mean you HOPE this is what happens. Aside from the price point what exactly are those games you speak of? Anyone who's wanted a Wii U for Pikmin3, The W101, Zelda WW and Sonic would've went out and bought one by now. Mostly everyone's waiting for Nintendo's 2014 lineup! So don't kid yourself... ;)

Also I could careless about my agree to disagree ratio like some other people on here.

Edit: @ I knew you'd read it ;) and you still can't seem to ignore me lol.
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PopRocks359  +   765d ago
"Also I could careless about my agree to disagree ratio like some other people on here."

Clearly you care so little that you were intelligent enough to comment on it. WHOOPSEEDAISY!
PopRocks359  +   765d ago
"I knew you'd read it ;) and you still can't seem to ignore me lol."

Right back at ya, homie. <3
kwandar  +   764d ago
Wii Fit U for the price of a fit metre ($19). you think that isn't going to sell?

Wii Fit is a proven system seller, and there is a LOT of hardware (Fit Board or whatever it is) already in consumer hands ..... yes, it will sell.
AWBrawler  +   765d ago
Casuals move consoles in the holiday season. Surely you aren't saying mario, wii party u, wii fit u, mario and sonic sochi and the like won't move consoles. And for the games you mentioned. If you are just now buying a new console, those will definitely help sway ya.heck i have a neice who is getting a wii u for Ben10 and Mario. Price and kid friendly games will help a lot. You do realize a lot of people put off buying a console they want until the holiday season and that bonus check, right?
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rainslacker  +   764d ago
So you believe that Nintendo is going to sell over 1 million consoles this holiday? That's the number that Sony said they had already pre-ordered. Some reports put it at 1.5 now. MS supposedly has 1 million consoles already pre-ordered as well. That doesn't take into account what may be available post-launch.

Wii U is a great machine for what it is. One of Nintendo's finest since the SNES, but it has big games now, which haven't really moved the system to any great degree. You think come November...when the holiday season starts, that Nintendo can sell over 1 million units in 8 weeks, when all year they've rarely broken even 70K units?
AWBrawler  +   764d ago
they have the right games coming, and when has mario ever in this history of games not sold well in November. it is a possibility, especially with Wii Fit for $20
yellowgerbil  +   765d ago
here's a prediction. The ps4 will sell 100million consoles this November.
No where near correct, but still more correct than thinking the WiiU will outsell it.
KillrateOmega  +   765d ago
The only thing the Wii U has going for it is, just as the article mentions, its lower price compared to the XBO and PS4. However, I don't think that will be enough. Let's face it, the PS4 and XBO are going to being hogging ALL the attention this Holiday season.

I just don't see this being a very successful holiday season for the Wii U.
jaren92  +   765d ago
Nintendo would need a miracle to outsell the XBO and the PS4
Concertoine  +   765d ago
its also available in all markets whereas ps4 and xbox one wont be in japan (and other places for xbone) until next year.
i think it'll be successful, just not as successful as the ps4
monkey602  +   765d ago
Except the next gen consoles already have more pre order numbers than the wii u's life time sales to date. The wii u has no hype behind it what so ever!
wiiuniverse  +   765d ago
monkey602  +   765d ago
Of course I don't have one it's sarcasm. Not literal but I will tell you wii u sales in my retailer are struggling in the double digits but next gen orders are souring into triple numbers. We have a sale in work where we have actually taken 100€ off the wii u and vita prices to try and get rid of them
jaren92  +   765d ago
The raiders will win the Super Bowl I predict it
XboxFun  +   765d ago
C'mon now, I can somewhat believe that the WiiU might outsell the PS4 and Xbox One....but the Raiders making it and even winning the super bowl...

Now that's just crazy!
jaren92  +   764d ago
Lol lol xD
FrigidDARKNESS  +   765d ago
Its possible lower price nice line-up of games for the holiday.
duducus  +   765d ago
In Japan. Eyyy!
MNGamer-N  +   765d ago
Prediction: The WiiU and PS4 will be under my TV this holiday season.
scissor_runner  +   764d ago
And that is how the wii won last gen.
XisThatKid  +   765d ago
Viking_Socrates  +   765d ago
*Note - I've actually played the Wii U at a friends house, I rather enjoy it. However I have no intention to buy one till next year and honestly the vast majority of people I know treat it as a joke.


If pricing made a huge difference, absolutely no-one would be buying an Xbox One. Like maybe they might be able to get 1 or 2 people over with price, but the vast majority of people I encounter are hungry for the new Xbox or PS4. The Wii U isn't even discussed without it being the butt of a bad joke. I just don't see it's price point really gaining anyone over.


Perhaps it's gaming franchises will win over an impressive crowed again. I'm especially looking forward to Zelda Wii U but that's just me. But, I just can't fathom that the Wii U having superior sales.

>Because everyone is counting the Wii U out

I see, I see, so apparently doing really badly and not being considered is evidence that you're going to be really successful. Don't get me wrong, I could be completely wrong but just I don't see a glorious underdog story for the Wii U.

Just my take on everything, feel free to share your thoughts.
mpnothanks   765d ago | Spam
Viking_Socrates  +   764d ago
I'm personally getting the PS4, but could care less what people get.
Yep  +   765d ago
The have the price. They have the games. They just need the marketing campaign.
madjedi  +   762d ago
"The have the price. They have the games." And the ps3/360 have it beat in both categories, and the ps4/xbone have it beat in games since nintendo games aren't really that appealing to me.

I'll leave that as a subjective personal opinion and not pretend it's a definitive fact as black baron, and other nintendo fanboys have stated.

Nintendo will get buried alive by ms and sony's marketing, and the next gen buzz.

"They just need the marketing campaign." Considering their marketing campaign for pikmin 3 or w101 that isn't saying anything encouraging if it's the same old routine.
Yep  +   762d ago
You're entitled to your opinions. You can also ignore the facts as well. Not my problem.
madjedi  +   761d ago
"You're entitled to your opinions. You can also ignore the facts as well. Not my problem."

What facts exactly that they have games coming out and it's price is reasonable to some people at $299.

Did i state absolutely no one will desire one it, no so drop the snitty little ignore the facts bs.

Your opinion it will outsell the ps4/xbone, my opinion it doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of doing so. Based on general consumer apathy thus far shown for the wii u.

So exactly what facts am i ignoring, because all i see is you writing off my opinion as an opinion while you treat yours as undeniable facts.

I fully expect ms to outspend both sony and nintendo in marketing dollars.

But then again i am arguing with the editor of nintendo enthusiast, getting blood out of a stone would be more productive.

Facts like still selling below even the gc, less active 3rd party support than any other nintendo console to date and just recently having a npd sales result that wasn't consider horrific for a fairly recently released new console.

Sorry didn't think i would have to state those as facts for you, i assumed it was common knowledge.
Yep  +   761d ago
"Your opinion it will outsell the ps4/xbone"

Look man, I know how much of a fanboy you are, but at least try not to be an idiot and put words into my mouth.

Just go be a fanboy elsewhere. You're not capable of rational discussion.
#29.2.1 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
mhunterjr  +   765d ago
I just don't see this happening. The excitement over the ps4 and xb1 is reaching fever pitch. The battle between the two will be getting headlines. They will be called the 2 hottest Xmas gadgets. The wii u will get lost in the shuffle. The buzz has simply died, and after a year on the market, I wouldn't expect a massive resurgence over the course of a few weeks.
#30 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
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